Your Car Is Your Baby — Protect it Like One


Your car is essentially another member of your family. You might even have a name for it! Sure, you might not feel unconditional love for your vehicle, but your car helps protect you and get you to the places you need to go.

Your vehicle goes through a lot with you, and you might not realize how much you make use of it until it’s down for repairs. You might even feel some sadness when your favorite car is under the weather, and you’re stuck with a rental that just doesn’t drive quite the same way. There are a lot of ways your car is like a member of your family, beginning with your first day together. 

Bringing the New Baby Home 

When you bring a new car home, it’s a lot like introducing a new baby to the family. There’s excitement when everyone sees that new face. There can be a similar feeling of excitement when you pull into the driveway with a new car for the first time. Members of the family gather around to see the features they’ll get to play with, test how comfortable the seats are, and mess with the buttons. It’s like gently pinching the cheeks of a newborn. The soft feel of new leather seating can bring the same smile to your face.

Your car has the unique ability to grow with your family as the years go by. Your car ages alongside you, and it might even seem to grow up with you. Just like with kids, when cars age, there are always some surprises and bumps along the way.

Growing Pains 

For the first few years of ownership, there’s typically not much to worry about. New car warranties provide some peace of mind, ensuring any issues that come up don’t hit your wallet too hard. Just like the first years with a toddler, there are many fun milestones a car shares with the family — like a first road trip. Toddlers are not yet at that age when you have to worry about them staying up late, who their friends are, or handing over the keys to the family car. But once a new car reaches the end of its warranty, like a child becoming a teen, unexpected bills can pop up. 

School supplies, prom dresses, and extra-curricular activities are some of the things you open your wallets for as your kids grow, but they pale in comparison with the financial hit of college tuition and textbooks. Without being prepared, these large bills can catch you off guard. A car beyond the manufacturer’s warranty can do the same to your budget. Surprise maintenance bills can stack up quickly, taking a big chunk out of your monthly budget. Without the right preparation, these bills leave you feeling defeated and even toying with the idea of replacement.

You’re Always There for Them — With a Little Help of Course 

There can be a lot of unexpected expenses throughout a childhood broken bones, tonsil removal, or dental work to name a few. But you use things like insurance to help take the sting out of these costs. For cars that are still an essential part of the family but past their new car warranty, there can be just as many costly surprises along the way. There’s also the same kind of protection available, too. An extended car warranty from Protect My Car will protect you from these surprises.

As your car ages, you will need to replace tires, which isn’t something you should skimp on. Batteries should be replaced every five years, especially in colder climates, which can be surprisingly costly. There are many other surprise bills that seem to appear after a car is beyond that new car warranty. Just like you use insurance to protect you from surprise medical bills, an extended car warranty gives you the same protection from surprise maintenance costs. 

Protecting Your Car Makes Sense and Saves Money

There are many ways to prepare for the surprise bills that come your way when raising a family. Your car is no different, so why not protect it in the same way? By investing in an extended car warranty from Protect My Car, you can extend the life of your beloved vehicle and reduce the impact unexpected bills have to keep your car as part of the family.


About Protect My Car

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