Worldwide Road Trip List of Places


Worldwide Road Trip

The world is such a big place, but anyone can only realize that once they expose themselves more often in the open. And what other better way can that be done other than spending hours on the road in pursuit of the best road trip experience? Surely, that serves as a great way to appreciate the world’s diversity, but ideas must be set for that worldwide road trip.

Indeed, what could be the worldwide places where road trips are best spent? This article covers around 13 recommendations for an intercontinental road trio sojourn. From the highlands of Canada to the art and history of European countries, these recommendations can surely have anyone’s hungry eyes and simmering wanderlust go stronger.

Worldwide Road Trip Through Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail in Canada is a road that leads to the beautiful island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. The trail’s beautiful spots can be in the northern part where the Cape Breton Highlands National Park can be found – a haven of bald eagles, moose, and black bears. French and Scottish villages are also a sight to see along the Cabot Trail.

The Garden Route in South Africa shows a lush, green stretch of the coastal and it’s an amazing place to visit on a worldwide road trip,  Mossel Bay and Storms River Mouth come right off the coastal stretch, again such a beautiful place to go on your worldwide road trip. You can also see mountains and vineyards can be seen on one side of the route while rocky shores and sandy beaches can be seen in the other. The coastal side of Storms River Mouth will need you to walk the trail while watching the waves over the rocks.

The Colombia River Gorge in the United States is a must-visit destination while driving along Interstate 84 along Portland, Oregon. Here you can find the second longest river and a number of beautiful waterfalls. The San Juan Skyway is also a good road trip spot with its water formations, wildflowers, and snow-covered mountaintops. Seasons bring out many colors in this area.

The Gobi Desert in Mongolia shows a wide stretch of sand that almost seem to last forever but it isn’t worldwide. You can find beauty in this area with its sand dunes and the option to ride on camelback and campsites. Similarly, the Ruta 40 in Argentina is considered to be one of the longest roads in the continents of North and South America. In here, you can see national parks, salt flats, and lakes.

In the Land Down Under, the beautiful Tasmanian peninsula in Australia shows a rugged coastline with crystal clear waters. Tasman’s Arch and the Devil’s Kitchen are some spots worth the stop. In New Zealand, the South Island Circuit has always been worth the drive with its landscape showing beautiful vistas of the country, such as Fiordland and the Southern Alps.

The largest saltwater lake in the world can be found Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The salt flats turn into a mirror-like stretch that reflects the mountains around the lake when it rains. When dry, the salt looks like ice because of its white hue and the lake glows white whenever the moon shines on it at night. You feel like you are on another planet when driving by the Salar de Uyuni.

Worldwide Road Trip through Costa Smeralda

Road trips with coastlines provide the beautiful scenic views nature has to offer. In the northern parts of Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda, or the Emerald Coast, provides beautiful headlands and clear waters colored in turquoise. The best seasons to visit the Coast is during late spring or early autumn, where you can go to the best resort on the island, quieter roads, and uncrowded beaches.

The northern and eastern coastline of Brazil is also another destination for tourists who love beach landscapes. The drive takes you along the shores between Jericoacoara and Salvador, where you can find white sand beaches and lagoons. In this drive, you can find kilometers worth of unbroken beaches, sheltered reef beaches, and mountainous sand dunes and tall palm trees.

Despite not having the sea as a view, highways can also have beautiful sceneries on a road trip. The Karakoram Highway is the highest paved road in the world, in which it connects China and Pakistan. This road helps travelers go from one country to another since the two countries are bordered by mountain ranges. Here you can find snow-capped mountains, gorges and more.

Another worldwide road destination is the Highway 61 in the United States, usually called to Blues Highway. It is considered to be one of the top five road trip destinations in the country. The drive follows the famous Mississippi River that stretches from Wyoming to the famous New Orleans, Louisiana in which music lovers would like to call it the Blues City.

In Latin America, the Pan-American Highway is a common road destination which is found to be stretching from South America, specifically in Patagonia, Argentina, to North America, in Alaska. Its distance totals at 48,000km and is considered to be the longest driving route in the whole world. In this highway, you can find almost every ecosystem existing in the planet.

Traveling The Golden Road to Samarkand, Uzbekistan reminds traders of its historic days traveling the famous Silk Road. The travel in this road lasts for eight to ten days in which you can have the option to hire a 4WD when traveling down this road. Along the way, beautiful landscapes and ancient cities can be seen.

In Europe, a mix of architecture, history, and nature can be seen during the road trips. The Atlantic Road in Norway has beautifully constructed that it connects islands between Molde and Kristiansund. The Outer Hebrides in Scotland shows ancient standing stones that show Hebridean hospitality while in the Netherlands, long stretches of flower fields can be seen in Bollenstreek.

Wherever you choose to go, know that the best road trip experience always comes with a hungry desire to see the world’s beauty.  People with an open mind to appreciate the variety that follows. An intercontinental road trip can surely satiate your craving to see more of what the world offers, as well as gain wider insights.


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