Free Car Repair? Know These 3 Types of Vehicle Recalls


Hold Up, Free Car Repair?

Free Car RepairCar repairs can be expensive. From bringing your car in to have a certified mechanic check it out, to buying parts and then paying for labor, you could end up with a bill of several hundred to over a thousand dollars or more. Having a car warranty or an extended warranty can help, but that may not be your only choice. There are ways to have some repairs done for free if your vehicle’s issue is subject to one of three types of vehicle recalls.


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How Does a Vehicle Recall Work?

Free Car Repair informationWhen an auto manufacturer releases a new model, consumers make their purchases and begin driving these vehicles. Once the vehicles hit the streets, manufacturers receive feedback from consumers, dealerships and even mechanics. Complaints and issues may occur within a short time period after the vehicles hit the road or may take some time. Either way, once enough complaints about the same type of issue come in, the manufacturer is required to notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Once enough complaints are received, the manufacturer issues a recall. Depending on how the recall is issued depends on what type of recall it is. There are three different types of vehicle recalls.

Know the Three Types of Vehicle Recalls

Free Car Repair 3 typesThe three different types of vehicle recalls are a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), a voluntary recall, and a mandatory recall. The differences between the three types start with the way each one comes about and how each one is handled.



A Technical Service Bulletin is issued when a manufacturer becomes aware of a problem with certain vehicles. The manufacturer then sends out the bulletin to dealerships and mechanic shops. This lets service professionals know to expect an increase of a certain issue. The bulletin details the problem and often describes how to fix the issue.

TSBs are not sent to consumers since they are not ordering a vehicle to be repaired because of safety risks. Although mechanics should check for a TSB before doing any vehicle repair, you can check for these bulletins on your own. In some cases, repairs with a TSB may be free, but you will need to show you are aware of the TSB. Your car warranty may cover the TSB, but if your warranty has ended and you aren’t aware of a TSB, you may have to pay for the repairs yourself.

Voluntary Recall

A voluntary recall happens when the manufacturer is made aware of an issue that poses a safety risk. This means that the problem could potentially cause harm to consumers, like this recall from Ford.

In this case, the recall is a pre-emptive strike to limit the manufacturer’s liability. These recalls never expire and the free car repair will be made no matter how old the vehicle is, how many miles it has, or how many owners have had the vehicle.

Mandatory Recall

A mandatory recall is taken seriously as it is a safety-related defect. These recalls are enforced by the NHSTA and full-disclosure is required. All repairs must be paid for by the manufacturer(thus a free car repair) under mandatory recall and may go one for several years.


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Is a Recall the Same as an Extended Car Warranty?

Free Car Repair comparisonNone of the three types of recalls are considered part of your car warranty or your extended warranty. An extended warranty is a type of gap insurance you may purchase to cover issues after your manufacturer’s warranty expires. An extended warranty can save you a lot of money on repairs but has nothing to do with a vehicle recall. Recalls are made for specific repairs and are usually covered by the manufacturer at no cost to you.

Recalls and an Extended Car Warranty


As a consumer, you should check the NHTSA website to see if your vehicle has been issued any type of recall or bulletin. The NHTSA website is the place to start.

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