What Your Car’s Color Says About You


The colors people choose for their clothes and car say a lot about them. From how you deal with stress to how passionate you are, your color choices give away plenty about your personality.

Buying a car is a big decision. And for many people, choosing the right color is as important as its powertrain and safety features. It’s the most prominent way to showcase your “personal brand,” and that means many people take great care in picking the perfect hue.

Curious about what your car’s color says about you? Take a look below to find out a little bit more about yourself. The results may surprise you.

What Does Your Car Color Mean?


Silver continues to be one of the most popular car colors, especially for luxury brands. Those who shop silver tend to be futuristic in nature. You are business-minded and gravitate toward the modern with your matching iPhone and laptop in the front seat next to you. Silver cars can also hide dings and scratches, making you a savvy shopper as well.


You might think that black cars are designed to shun attention, but actually a black car is a power move. A sign of confidence, status, and self-assuredness, black is the color of extroverts who want to show off their wealth and dominance.


Have a white car? Then you are probably a direct person who prefers to keep things simple and clean. White cars showcase a meticulous nature that favors minimalistic substance over flamboyant style.


Red is an attention-grabbing color. And those who choose it tend to be theatrical and high-energy. The bright color also holds a not-so-subtle sub-text of smoldering passion.

Favor the darker reds like maroon? That hints at the same desires and passions of bright red, but with a less-showy personality that doesn’t require the attention.


There is a reason why so many companies like to utilize blue as their main color choice. Surveys reveal that people equate the color blue with peace, trust and strength.

For this reason, it’s not surprising that those who choose blue cars also have similar personality traits. The tone of the color though digs even deeper into your soul. Bright blue choices signal a calm and faithful demeanor, while darker blues signify confidence and authority.


If you didn’t already know it, yellow is officially the happiest color. The most visible color on the spectrum, it is intrinsically linked with optimism and good cheer.

As such, those who choose yellow cars have a child-like, whimsical nature who don’t feel the need to conform. One note of caution though, yellow cars, like all bright car colors, tend to have lower resale values, so take heed if you choose canary yellow for your next VW Beetle.

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