Was Your 2018 Jeep Recalled? Here’s What to Do Next!


Jeep Recalls 2018

Jeep Recalls 2018Car recalls are becoming more commonplace in the industry, as the cars we buy become more complex, have more electronics and share parts across manufacturers. When a car is recalled, it’s the responsibility of the owners to visit a local dealer to get the repairs done.  A recall was recently issued for the Jeep Wrangler JL to address a structural issue, and owners should be careful not to ignore it. 


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The Jeep Recall 2018, What is it?

Jeep Recall 2018 confusedYou’ve likely heard the term recall in the news recently. Recalls are typically issued when a car company has become aware of a defect or failure that poses a safety risk to drivers. Many times, the defect is discovered by the company during their testing. These recalls typically happen soon after a car has been launched and don’t affect a large number of cars. In most cases, however, recalls are issued after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, gets a number of complaints from owners. With enough complaints, the NHTSA will investigate the issue, or request the manufacturer investigate. 

Recalls are important because they often correct serious safety issues. Thankfully, in most cases a recall is issued before the defect causes accidents, injuries or the loss of life. When a recall is issued, car owners need to bring their vehicles back to their local dealer. Parts are typically replaced with new ones, or faulty parts are repaired to meet safety standards. These recall fixes are done free of charge, regardless of your warranty status. Dealers should never charge you for the repair or replacement of recalled parts. 


The Jeep Recall 2018 – 2019 has been issued for 18,000 vehicles 

Jeep Recalls 2018 businessOn October 15th, 2018, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA, issued a recall for all Jeep Wrangler JLs. The recall was so serious, they also issued an advisory for dealerships to halt sales of new Wranglers to customers until the required repairs had been made. The recall covers a serious issue with the welds that hold the track bar to the Jeeps Wrangler’s frame failing. When these welds fail, it can cause a total loss of steering, which could have serious consequences. 

Failing welds are a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as owners are notified. A Wrangler’s frame and track bar are core parts of the steering and suspension structure. A failing or failed weld puts the people traveling in the Wrangler JL at risk, and increases the risk of collision with another vehicle. About 18,000 Wranglers are covered under the recall, from the 2018 and 2019 model years. 


How will I know if I’m affected? 

Jeep Recalls 2018 know howThere are many ways to find out if your Jeep Wrangler JL is one of the affected models. Recalls are matched to a vehicle’s unique VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. Most owners will get notice by mail of the recall, but you can also check your VIN online. Both the manufacturer’s website and the NHTSA website have places owners can check the VIN against any outstanding recalls. In this case, Jeep Wrangler JL owners should visit the FCA recall page and check their VIN. It’s a good idea to check your VIN for recalls once or twice a year, or run the VIN of a car you’re considering buying.  

If you’ve received the notice by mail, or you’ve confirmed the outstanding recall using the NHTSA or FCA VIN search pages, give your local dealership a call. Advise the service department the year of your Wrangler, and give them the recall number or numbers you need repaired. It’s best to have the welds fixed as soon as possible to keep your Jeep Wrangler safe. 


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Is my repair covered by my auto insurance? 

Jeep Recalls 2018 CoveredBy law, recall repairs and replacements are provided to car owners free of charge. There shouldn’t be any costs that your insurance needs to cover. Be sure to have your car repaired by an authorized dealership. If the dealership does try to charge you for the recall, or a part included in the recall, call the manufacturer right away. There will be a customer service number included on your recall notice. If you continue to have recall service issues, call the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236. 


Get recalls repaired right away 

Jeep Recalls 2018 repairWhen a car is recalled, it’s because there has been some serious safety risks discovered by the NHTSA or the manufacturer. Faulty parts or issues can fail, possibly causing a collision and serious injury or loss of life. When you get a recall notice, or you find one from an online VIN search, book your appointment with an authorized dealer as soon as you can. Recall repairs are free. Keeping your vehicle safe helps to protect the people who ride around in your car, and those on the road around you. 


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