The Unlimited Mileage Extended Warranty Plan To Keep Your Old Car Driving


Even though car prices continue to increase as they climb north of $35,000 dollars on average, many of us are keeping our cars well over the 100,000-mile threshold of doom that once was the end.

Cars these days are far more reliable than they used to be, and there’s no reason to immediately get a new car once your car starts getting up there in miles, especially if you’ve taken good care of your car.

However, even if you’ve taken good care of your car, no car is designed to last forever. The longer you drive your car, the higher the likelihood that you’ll have a breakdown. That’s not a “maybe”. At some point, you will break down.

But with most extended warranties ending at the 150,000-mile mark, and the frequency of repairs climbing around the same time, you’re left with a problem if you want to keep driving your car forever into the sunset.

Your car is going to need repairs, and those repairs could be severe. Even without a severe repair, little things on your car will break down, and you’ll have to do regular routine maintenance.

Much like death by a thousand cuts, these costs add up.

We’ve already talked about how used cars get much more expensive to maintain after 100,000 miles, and then even more expensive after 200,000 miles. You can expect and even greater expense if you want to drive further.

The good news is we’ve got a solution to the problem.

It’s our nearly unlimited mileage extended warranty plan called the Ambassador plan.

The Ambassador plan is designed to cover your car up to 300,000 miles while covering all the important bits of your car like your engine, air conditioning, transmission, and a whole host of other parts.

Better yet, we’re a direct warranty provider for all of our Ambassador plans – unlike many other high mileage warranty companies.

What Are Protect My Car’s Ambassador Policies?

The Ambassador Policies are car maintenance insurance contracts that offer discounts ranging from 50 to 75 percent on most auto repairs, as well as a variety of other benefits. Ambassador Policies range from Base to Elite levels and also include roadside assistance, maintenance, and lock-out benefits.

How Does Ambassador Differ From A Standard Extended Warranty?

Protect My Car’s extended car warranty plans are available for cars up to 10 years of age and 125,000 miles, and they cover 100 percent of eligible repairs with a $100 deductible. They also offer roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. The Ambassador Policy, on the other hand, is a car maintenance contract that covers most vehicles, regardless of age or mileage.

In other words, you can drive your car as long as you want, and our Ambassador plan will have your back.

How Do the Ambassador Policy’s Mechanical Repair Discounts Work?

Owners can choose from five levels of Ambassador Policy, starting at the Base level up to Elite. Depending on the level of plan you choose, you’ll get a guaranteed 50 to 75 percent off eligible auto repairs. Eligible systems include engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, differential assembly, front and rear suspension, electrical system, heating and cooling, timing chain, and select brake system components. Wear and tear parts like brake pads, spark plugs, and rotors aren’t eligible for the discount, although we’ll still negotiate for the cost of your repairs for those, so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Protect My Car has highly trained claims adjusters who work with the repair center to get your discount on all covered repairs.

How Much Does Our Ambassador Plan Cost?

That depends on what policy you choose, your vehicle’s mileage, and the type of vehicle you own. Most plans start as low as $2 dollars a day. If you want to get an idea of your exact pricing, we offer an online quoting tool at Just enter your vehicle’s information, and you’ll get an instant online quote on a 36-month policy.

If you call us, we can give you a quote on other plan lengths, including 48-60 months, which will further reduce your monthly payment.

What Other Benefits Do Ambassador Policies Offer?

Protect My Car wants you to keep driving safely and smoothly, so free maintenance benefits are part of the Ambassador Policies. You will get three free OEM oil changes and two free tire rotations a year.

You’ll also get Protect My Car’s 24/7 roadside assistance, which has five-star reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Lockout service, fuel delivery, flat tires, battery services, and jump starts and towing are all covered under Protect My Car’s roadside assistance benefits.

Protect My Car’s Ambassador Policies offer rental car reimbursement for a rental car you may need during any repair that’s scheduled to take more than four hours. Protect My Car wants you to get where you need to go while your repairs are being completed.

What Is A Direct Warranty Provider?

Now, if you’re also considering getting a vehicle service contract you should know what a direct provider is. It’s an important distinction that is worth talking about.

A direct warranty provider is a warranty company that administrates and services its own claims, legally speaking. What that means, is when a direct warranty provider sells you an extended warranty, they are responsible for paying your claims, as well as handling any customer service issues that arise.

Direct providers can offer lower prices for their plans and better customer service because everything is handled in house. 

Currently, only Protect My Car and Endurance are direct warranty providers.

Other extended warranty companies aren’t selling their own plans.  When you buy a policy with them, they then transfer the responsibility for your future claims to a 3rd party finance company. They get paid, and then that finance company that you didn’t choose becomes the legal entity responsible for paying your claims.

This can be a huge hassle. Claims take longer to get paid, and we’ve seen prices that are more expensive.

That’s not to mention that the 3rd party finance company has no connection to you as a human being and has every financial incentive to pay as little as possible on your claim.

With over 13 years in this business, everyone will tell you that choosing a direct warranty provider is the best way to go. You’ll avoid getting a run around from claims agents, and instead will get help from a real person who wants to see you off smiling.

What Are My Ambassador Policy Options?

Protect My Car offers five Ambassador Plan levels to fit each budget and driving need:

Ambassador Plus: 25 percent discount on repairs, rental car reimbursement, oil change, and tire rotations.

Ambassador Premium: 25 percent discount on repairs, roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, oil change, and tire rotations.

Ambassador Pro: 50 percent discount on repairs, rental car reimbursement, oil change, and tire rotations.

Ambassador Elite: 50 percent discount on repairs, roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, oil change, and tire rotations.

Ambassador Platinum: 75 percent discount on repairs, 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption, and OEM oil changes and tire rotations.

Experience the Protect My Car Difference

Protect My Car wants to provide the best extended car warranty policies and car maintenance policies. When you get an Ambassador Policy or Extended Warranty Plan, you aren’t just getting protection against unforeseen breakdowns and car repairs. You’re signing up with a team that’s ready and eager to help. Protect My Car has thought out all of the benefits that can make a difference for both you and your car.

In 2019 alone, we saved drivers over $10 million dollars in repair costs, and you can get in on the savings. Better yet, our rewards network also allows you to save money on thousands of our partnered brands, from your favorite restaurants and stores.

Get a free quote to find out which Ambassador Policy is right for you and your budget.

About Protect My Car

Protect My Car is an extended auto warranty company. Our goal here at Protect My Car is to eliminate your worry of being financially responsible for an expensive mechanical breakdown. With our extended auto warranty, you don’t have to worry about being fully burdened with the cost of a covered repair.