Top Five Best Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under $30,000


Top Five Best Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under $30,000

Top Five Best Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under $30,000:  Purchasing a pre-owned luxury car typically means breaking the bank. First-grade components meant to provide utter elegance and convenience do not come cheap, and so it would be usually absurd for anyone to think that any luxury car can come for at least $30,000. However, pre-owned choices are available for even lower that price. While there aren’t many choices for luxury cars that retail for lower than $30,000, they are nonetheless worth considering if you’re the type who’d make the most out of that price as long as luxurious amenities are concerned. Take time to read this article to see the best kinds of pre-owned luxury car $30,000 can get you.

1: Audi A3

Starting this list with a European luxury mainstay sets the purpose of this article in a highly fitting fashion. German automaker Audi, known for its characteristic engineering excellence, has in its impressive portfolio the A3, the smallest and lowest-priced offering. For prices that hover around $30,000 in used-car dealerships, you can get the finest example of a pre-owned A3, which gives you a bevy of luxurious features such as supple leather upholstery, swift dual clutch for automatic transmission, and a convenient navigation system. The A3’s standard 2.0L four-cylinder engine doesn’t disappoint as well since it produces 200 horsepower while being capable of achieving 30 mpg for fuel economy during freeway runs. With that, you can consider purchasing a pre-owned A3 as money well spent – if your penchant for luxury supersedes cabin space, that is.

2: BMW 3-series

BMW’s are wonderful pre-owned luxury cars. A fine example of a pre-owned BMW 3-series can retail for around $30,000 in used-car dealerships. Although the 3-series is by no means similar compared to its bigger brothers that count as among BMW’s most popular – the 5-series and 7-series, it’s by no means less luxurious, though certainly smaller. The 3-series comes in a bevy of body styles – coupe, sedan, and wagon, leaving you with a lot of decisions to take but certainly fewer hesitations to make. Moreover, the base 328i model has a 240-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine, giving you a combination of mind-blowing performance for a relatively penny-pinching price.

3: Lexus CT200h

The CT200h is a fitting introduction to the world of Lexus – at around $30,000 from pre-owned markets, you can certainly score a well-maintained one. The luxury division of Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota, certainly has a lot going for the CT200h – its 1.8L hybrid engine guarantees a pleasant drive with a fuel economy of up to 43 mpg for city driving, while impressive components such as an electric-powered sunroof, heated seats, automatic headlights, and a full-fledged navigation system makes it a great purchase. Furthermore, a pre-owned CT200h comes with an impressive three-year warranty, which covers it for 100,000. Given that, you’re sure to secure a good buy for $30,000 by opting for the CT200h. These stats make Lexus a great option when looking for pre-owned luxury cars.

4: Acura ILX

With this list having another Japanese entry in this article, you’re guaranteed that you’ll never be short of choices for pre-owned luxury cars under $30,000. Acura, Honda’s luxury division, offers the ILX as a fairly reasonable and spacious choice. The ILX can come for around a cool $27,000 in mint condition from a used-car dealership, and being a compact sedan, it’s easily among the most spacious items in this article. Impressive amenities characteristic of Acura’s luxury pedigree such as automatic climate control, push-button start, and remote keyless entry are all available in the ILX, while its 2.0L base engine racks up a fuel economy rating of 35 mpg. Not bad for a luxury car under $30,000 these days, don’t you think?

5: Cadillac CTS

The lone American in this article, the Cadillac CTS, doesn’t leave a lot to be desired in the group of pre-owned luxury cars. Built to compete with the mighty European luxury compacts, the CTS is by far an excellent effort by General Motors (GM), whose efforts to further establish Cadillac as the premium American luxury car of the modern times has been excellent so far. For prices that hover around $30,000 in used-car dealerships, a fine-example CTS can bring you with several respectable specifications – 270 horsepower for its base 3.0L V6 engine is already a mind-blowing figure for an entry-level luxury sedan, while a complete set of luxury options such as automatic climate control, automatic headlights, and power driver seat all make your $30,000 a well-spent sum.

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