Top 5 Spookiest Roads To Drive On


Not all roads are created equal, and we are about to go over some of the worlds spookiest roads. Some are too wide and are meant to be passed on by numerous cars, and some are too narrow but good enough as village streets. Whatever the size, shape, or form roads come in, they certainly have to be built to guarantee the safety of drivers out there. There are several dangerous roads around the world and some are the spookiest roads. While regulars might find them utterly necessary for their everyday commute, others are just turned off by the mere idea of passing through it, to the point where they’ll try their very best to look for alternative routes.

The most dangerous roads in the world may not look as intimidating as they may be, but some of their backstories – sometimes fortified by so-called “eyewitness” accounts, may just be scary enough to make anyone who dares pass through them shiver in fear. From strange appearances and howling sounds to reports of accidents arising from some curse of a scorn wayward spirit, here are a rundown of the five scariest and spookiest roads to drive on.

1. Highway 666, Utah (US)

If the highway number itself of Highway 666 doesn’t scare you enough, then perhaps it’ll be best to dig a little bit deeper on the facts that make it a truly-terrible road to pass by going home. The number forming part of the road’s name resembles bad luck – the number of the devil, as some may say. But even though it has changed its name already to Highway 191, people in Utah still won’t have anything desirable to say about the freeway, which actually forms part of the large Route 66. Drivers who have traversed this freeway have experienced a series of unsavory experiences that are mostly paranormal in nature – ghosts in the form of drivers and hitchhikers, as well as cars with phantom drivers. That perhaps explains the relatively large number of fatal accidents that have occurred this infamous strip over the past years while on this spookiest roads.

2. Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong (China)

Glitzy Hong Kong’s staggering skyscrapers, delicious culinary fare, and active shopping scene are all to die for, but you would certainly not want to die on one of its terrifying highways – Tuen Mun Road. Located on the Hong Kong’s outskirts, the Tuen Mun Road is a heavily-used thoroughfare within the administrative region and is actually notorious for its perverse traffic jams caused by its nefarious cases of accidental total wrecks. Fatalities may not have lived well to tell their horror, but bystanders and other eyewitnesses have heaped the blame on so-called ghastly apparitions crossing the middle of the road, causing drivers to suddenly change course and meet fateful accidents. Worse, then, is the fact that there may be no in sight yet for such accidents, as those who die are said to haunt others fatefully as well. More and more people now say this is one of the spookiest roads.

3. A229 (Sussex-Kent), England (UK)

The infamous A229 going from Sussex to Kent in England is the stuff of urban legends. Locals would most likely point to the unfortunate case of one Judith Langham, who perished as she was run over on the road on the day of her wedding in 1965. Her ghost is said to have haunted several drivers, who in turn have met accidents on their own as a result. Another frightening story involves that of a ghost hitchhiker, who would ride with unsuspecting motorists and tell them about his utter disappointment towards the world, as well as his views on how to fix them. Eyewitnesses would then say that towards the middle of his story, he begins to disappear in the middle of the journey. Now that is considered a spookiest road!

4. Bloodspoint Road, Illinois (US)

Again, the name itself serves as a sign of things to come – Bloodspoint Road is, by all means, a very disturbing place to travel through. Numerous accounts of murders and fatal accidents litter the road’s terrifying history: a child ran over by a speeding train, an entire family slaughtered, rapes against unsuspecting women, and a bus packed with children that fell off a bridge, among many others. Yet, what’s even more outrageous is the legend that a witch used to reside inside an old farmhouse within the area. Although it no longer exists today, some people passing through the area would recall seeing a house of the same description. Add to that the various accounts of strange lights, irregular noises, and apparitions of ghost children, and anyone’s set for a horrifying ride along Bloodspoint Road.

5. Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio (US)

A ghost hitchhiker is said to haunt Dead Man’s Curve – a sharp turning intersection that combines State Route 222 with State Route 125 located within Clermont County, Ohio. Eyewitnesses recall the ghost being faceless and haunting unsuspecting drivers along the road, henceforth causing several deaths. Among its most notorious case of fatalities is the case of five teenagers, who all died in 1969 when the 1968 Chevrolet Impala they were riding was crashed by a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner at more than 100 mph.

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