Top 5 Protect My Car Reviews

by | Aug 15, 2016

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Awesome company
I purchased this plan after researching what a good mechanical breakdown coverage should have. Protect my Car offers it all, which is why I am writing to protect my car reviews. They made my first issue with my 2008 Compass a breeze. Covered the part, I paid my $100 deductible and was on my way in a few hours. They were also wonderful when I asked about changing my due date. They have the best finance plan out there, allowing great coverage to be AFFORDABLE! So happy that I went with them.

Peace Of Mind
I am very satisfied with Protect My Car and always have peace of mind knowing that my car is getting older I will not have to spend a lot of money if anything major goes wrong. The protect my car reviews were great so I decided to give them a chance and I am glad I did.

Great Company
I had to replace the starter – took the car to the shop with a copy of my warranty. No hassles to me and my starter were fixed promptly. The receptionist at the shop commented that it was 1 of the easiest warranty jobs they had to deal with..Will definitely recommend this company. I usually don’t write reviews but I thought since I was so happy I would add to protect my car reviews.

First Time Using Protect My Car, Very Happy!
Everything went smoothly with Protect My Car, and the dealership I bought my car to… No problems, no complaints, excellent customer service. I value this company now more than ever and have already recommended this company to my friends!

Consumer Affairs Review
Everything was great. Submitting a claim was quick and accurate. I had a hole in my radiator so I had to get a new one as well as a new alternator. The shop that was doing work on my car gave ProtectMyCar a call, and everything was handled right then and there. The company covered everything from tip to tail, and everything in between. It was easy to make payments too.