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As a car owner, you’ve always dreaded the day that you have to send your car to the repair shop and stress about expensive car repairs – not because you doubt the guys there can’t handle your baby well, but because you’d have to spend time away from it and spend money in the process. When your car’s undergoing repairs, you’d have to adjust your commuting regimen, unless if you own another car of course. The inconvenience of not having a car when you need one would start to sink in, and the need to spend a considerable sum to get it back in tip-top shape could only make you feel worse. Of course, repairs shouldn’t be taken for granted, what with the big money involved in repairs. Nonetheless, there are some components that you have to prepare for financially, given they’re reputedly very expensive. Brace yourself once your car technician tells you that your car needs to undergo repairs in these areas:

1: Transmission

The sheer complexity of transmission systems can set you back a hefty sum in your car repair shop, so in case your car starts experiencing problems when shifting gears, don’t take the matter too lightly when thinking about how much you’ll have to shell out. Transmissions are very expensive car repairs. Coughing out around $3,500 in repairs for transmission problems would probably make you consider going for another car purchase instead, and that accounts for the intricate process of transmitting power generated by the car’s engine to the wheels. Some have even thought of tackling transmission problems straight-on with do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches, several of which have understandably led to costly failures. Indeed, going through the complexities of transmission systems – what with all the passageways where hydraulic fluid is transmitted and sorting out precisely-fitted parts, are by no means advisable to be dealt with using DIY approaches. Refusing to see a car technician over your car’s transmission problems would do nothing to fix them as there really are no financially-viable alternatives to that, unless if you’re a car technician yourself who’s capable of fixing such. Even so, don’t discount the possibility of high costs when repairing your car’s transmission issues.

2: Tires

Of all the items in this list, tires may seem like the most basic components to replace in a car. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that buying new tires can make you grind your teeth over the prices involved. It’s easy to take your tires for granted, what with the fact that those are perhaps the most vulnerable to wear and tear. But you shouldn’t ignore the fact that tires nowadays retail in between $50-$250 apiece. Still not intimidated yet? Then imagine being reckless in driving – rough roads, sharp drifting and all, and see if you won’t balk over having to pay for said amounts more frequently for each time your tires break down due to your irresponsible driving habits. Even if you’re a responsible driver, clocking in around 40,000 miles would necessitate you to undergo tire replacement. That would certainly imperil you financially if you’re the type who has to spend long regular commutes to work, and if your household has two or more cars.

3: Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid vehicles include environmentally-friendly technology that allows you to use less gas as you alternate to electric power. Yet, the sheer sophistication of hybrid vehicles can only entail you to spend more on repairs. If you’re an owner of a hybrid vehicle, you’re most probably aware that having your hybrid inverter problems solved is not a joke when you consider its financial implications – replacing it can set you back for a whopping $3,500-$7,000. While that shouldn’t exactly discourage you from opting for a hybrid vehicle on considerations of a better environment and greater savings on fuel costs, it is best to prepare yourself financially for the time when the “Check Engine” prompt arises – that just might be the time when a visit to the repair shop is needed to have your hybrid inverter replaced. Leaving the problem unaddressed would only lead you to spend more on having your hybrid vehicle repaired, on account of further damage resulting from being left idle in the garage. How’s that for expensive car repairs!

4: Camshaft

Going back to the world of conventional cars, the camshaft serves as an essential part of your car’s engine, given its role to control air intake for cooling. At best, it is highly recommended that you take all responsible measures to keep your camshaft intact, otherwise you’re bound to spend big on a replacement. Cleaning up dirt buildup inside your camshaft can save you from the possibility of having to purchase a replacement – by all means, you should make it a point to check it regularly and see if it needs cleaning. However, should the inevitable arises, expect to shell out at least $1,500-$3,000 for replacing your camshaft alone making them very expensive car repairs. Emphasizing on that alone should at least make you more vigilant on taking good care of your camshaft since the costs involved are by no means bearable when repeatedly dealt with.

5: Spark plugs/cylinder head/head gasket

Once your car reaches the point where you have to turn the ignition several times before getting it started, then you know it’s about time to have your spark plug checked. Make sure you do this quickly so the problem doesn’t turn into other expensive car repairs. Although spark plugs retail within the region of $100 apiece, engine failure or overheating resulting from difficulties in starting your vehicle may lead you to spend around $7,000 for repairs. Paying for replacing a dead engine or repairing an overheated one – painful as it may sound, can actually be prevented if you send your car for repairs following the first instance of experiencing difficulties in starting it. For all you know, it may just be a spark plug problem waiting to transpire into an even bigger problem. As for your cylinder heads and head gaskets, both of which are crucial components of your car’s engine, expect to pay around $3,500 for repairs. Both components, when damaged, may actually account for engine failure or overheating, so make sure to take immediate action the moment you experience the symptoms.

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