The Top 10 Maintenance Apps For Your Phone


The Top 10 Maintenance Apps for Your Phone

The Top 10 Maintenance Apps For Your Phone is a debate that can go on for days, this article is going to provide factual information to why we feel this is the true list of the Top 10 Maintenance Apps for your phone.  These days, solving any real-life predicament is now possible through accessing your smartphone’s App Store, to find a solution, can that be the case for vehicle maintenance apps too?  In fact, even car maintenance apps are no longer exempted from app makers reach in solving practically any real-world problem, and that’s something car lovers can truly revel in.  Learn more about the top 10 maintenance apps for your smartphone.

Then again, you may have found yourself asking about what car maintenance app would best fit your vehicle and any related concern or problem you may be having.   Instead of randomly downloading several maintenance apps to find which one may serve your purpose read Protect My Car’s review on the top 10 maintenance apps you’ll need on your smartphone when things go wrong.

1. Repairpal

Think of Repairpal as your all-purpose app for practically everything about vehicle repair – you get to have a list of recommended mechanics for hire within your area, subject to the kind of repair you need to have done. Quite like Uber, though you don’t get to book them directly through the app. Sounds convenient, right?

But more than that, Repairpal also provides estimates for the best price for the kind of repairs your car needs. Although figures come in estimates, the app nonetheless provides you with a good idea of how much you’ll have to pay for repairs. Moreover, the app provides a repair tracking system and allows you to ask for roadside assistance with just one click.

2. Auto Care

Although Auto Care sounds inconspicuously ordinary, it nevertheless comes off as a useful app for your car maintenance and fuel consumption tracking needs. That’s the reason why it costs $4.99 – for such a relatively paltry sum (unless you’re used to free stuff from the App Store), you get to have quality tracking services for your car’s maintenance and gas concerns.

One convenient thing about Auto Care is the fact that it provides convenient legroom for tracking multiple vehicles, enabling you to have a one-stop app for tracking all your cars’ maintenance schedules, gas expenditures, service reminders, and the like. It also measures fuel consumption costs in terms of cost per mile and miles per month, allowing for wider spending insights.

3. Car Maintenance

A free car expense tracking app available on the Play Store, aCar benefits Android users with its fuss-free interface, allowing for straightforward input and access to records. For something that’s free to download, this app does a good job in recording your fuel consumption, service expenses, as well as trip spending, what with its no-nonsense and organized design.

4. Car Pros

The saying “the best things in life are free” may well apply suitably for Car Pros Car Management, which is free to download in the Play Store. Essentially a logging service for all things about car maintenance and repair, the app provides you with a mechanism for managing all your vehicle-related expenses. Moreover, the app also allows you to estimate your car parts’ lifespans.

5. Openbay

Openbay is best compared to Uber, only that the car repair and maintenance app doesn’t involve booking for personal drivers. Instead, the app allows you to obtain repair quotes from recommended mechanics and plot your service schedule conveniently, with the option to directly book repair services under a reliable payment system.

As a free app on the App Store, Openbay is worth every megabyte of your Internet connection’s bandwidth. A points system for the app’s booking service provides you with extra motivation to use it for booking future repairs, while its repair and maintenance diary is constantly updated per every service booked.

6. Gas Tracker+

Your concerns over fuel consumption can be best resolved by Gas Tracker+, an app that’s available for both iOS and Android users. The app enables you to monitor the way you drive vis-à-vis its effect on your gas mileage. Changes in the way you drive can be best learned from this app, as it advises you to perform changes when fuel consumption gets too costly.

7. BitKar

Another free car maintenance and repair app on the iOS, BitKar allows you to have a proper diagnosis of your vehicle’s repair problems as you manage maintenance and repair costs through estimates. The app also allows you to purchase parts searched from its control panel, allowing you to save more time from window-shopping across different repair shops.

8. Fuel Monitor

As the name implies, Fuel Monitor is an app that centers on various needs relating to fuel consumption. Considering that gas is quite an expensive commodity that needs to be replenished, the app comes off as highly useful for the tightest of penny-pinchers. Though even if you’re not as frugal as the others, you can nonetheless find the app useful for a whole lot of other functions.

For $1.99 a download, Fuel Monitor allows for basic information inputs such as your engine number, tire size, and plate number, all of which are essential details for repairs. It also provides information on repair and maintenance costs, as well as statistics on fuel consumptions – essentials for monitoring your car-related expenditures.

9. Road Trip

Albeit pricier than other options in this list, Road Trip provides you with perhaps the smoothest experience for monitoring your fuel economy and other car-related expenses, particularly for repair and maintenance. The app allows you to input all relevant data easily, and you can even export it to .csv format to become readable on the computer.

Road Trip allows you to have a comprehensive summary of your car’s fuel consumption, as well as repair and maintenance costs. In that way, you get to enjoy maximum convenience for fixing your expenses, especially for when you get out on the road for road trips, hence the app’s name. The app’s compatibility with the Apple iWatch adds to its tech-savvy appeal.

10. Car Care

A paid app from the App Store that covers a bevy of car maintenance and repair concerns, Car Care is simply not one to be taken for granted. You can get updates on your car’s scheduled repair and maintenance schedule while monitoring your fuel consumption on the app. Interestingly, the app even provides exterior maintenance schedules to keep your car’s good looks intact.


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