Takata Airbag Update


Takata Airbag Update Protect My Car

While the story of Takata Airbag Recall made headlines years ago, to this day, additional information is still being uncovered and released. This recall is affecting millions of cars and travelers who otherwise did not know that they were at risk. As recently as October 6th, 2017, thousands of additional airbags were added to the recall list, bringing the number of affected vehicles in the United States alone to over 42 million.


Protect My Car Airbag Recall ServiceMillions Of Cars Are Affected By The Recall

With 19 global car manufacturers being included in the recall, an estimated 65 to 70 million airbags have been deemed dangerous. Worldwide, unfortunately, 19 people have died due to a malfunction. There is also the staggering statistic that only 20% of drivers with a recalled vehicle have checked with their mechanic to ensure their car is safe to drive, 54 million recalled airbags are currently putting the population at risk. It is more than a simple suggestion when either Takata or a car manufacture say that those on a with a recalled vehicle need to get their car checked out. Drivers truly do need to address an issue so they aren’t risking their car becoming a ticking time bomb and putting both themselves and their passengers at risk. To ensure that you don’t check your make and model, and if it is on the list of recalled vehicles then do not hesitate to get your car looked at by a professional.

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