Is an Extended Warranty Worth Buying? Understanding the PMC Difference

By PMC Blog Staff on 6/26/19 11:40 AM

Picking out the right car is just the beginning of your car buying experience. You’ve chosen the make and model, but then comes the price shopping, decisions about package options, financing, and insurance choices. Just when you think you’ve finally nailed down all the details, the salesperson asks whether you’d like to buy an extended warranty, and you’re almost too overwhelmed to ask the important questions — what exactly is an extended warranty, what does it cover, are there used car warranties or do they only cover new cars?

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DIY Car Maintenance: Basic Care Tips | Protect My Car Blog

By PMC Blog Staff on 6/24/19 11:40 AM

Basic car maintenance isn’t nearly as scary as you think. Not only will DIY car care tasks save you money, you’ll also learn about your vehicle's inner workings and expand your general automotive knowledge. You may even enjoy it!

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Teach Your Teen These 10 Car Care Tips

By PMC Blog Staff on 6/19/19 1:14 PM

There isn't a person on earth who fantasizes about the maintenance requirements of owning a car, and that goes tenfold for teenagers. They're in it for the status and speed, not the extra responsibilities. But they're in for a rude awakening the first time a dash light pops on. 

Finding and imparting the best car care tips for teens can be daunting, but when you arm them with the right education and an extended vehicle warranty, you can rest a little easier when your baby hits the road for the first time.

An Idle Car Is the Devil's Workshop

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Buying an extended car warranty?

By PMC Support on 6/5/19 11:25 AM

What should you know before making the decision to purchase an extended auto warranty for your vehicle?  This is an important question to ask yourself if you are considering purchasing an extended vehicle protection plan. There are a lot of companies offering extended auto warranty plans, so do your research first.  This article will help you identify the key differences in coverage plans.

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Tips for Car Shopping Around Memorial Day

By PMC Blog Staff on 5/22/19 3:35 PM

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of the warm weather driving season, with many people planning weekend getaways and cross-country road trips. For many people, buying a car to make the journey is part of the agenda. But the joy of buying a new or a new-used car can be ruined by the realization that you got a bad deal, or by an expensive mid-trip breakdown.

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How to Protect Your Car From Theft

By PMC Blog Staff on 4/24/19 10:13 AM

Having your car stolen is something you probably don't think about often. It’s not something we feel is likely to happen to us. While anti-theft technology in cars is more sophisticated than ever, so are the tools available to would-be car thieves.

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The Greenest Cars in America Today

By PMC Blog Staff on 4/22/19 10:34 AM

There’s no other vehicle with more assumptions made about it than a "green" car — green of course refers to a car that is incredibly fuel-efficient, a hybrid, or one that uses alternative fuel. No matter what you call it, these environmentally-friendly vehicles all come with a stigma. 

Fortunately, automotive companies have been busy at work challenging these preconceived notions. 

It's Not Easy Being Green...

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Car Shopping: Cars With the Top 5 Best Warranties

By PMC Blog Staff on 4/15/19 11:11 AM

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new car is the peace of mind you get from its warranty. But no warranties last forever even the best ones. Fortunately, extended car warranty plans can help you stay covered for longer.

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The Top 7 Vehicle Maintenance Apps

By PMC Blog Staff on 4/13/19 11:33 AM

Vehicle maintenance plays a major role in how well your vehicle performs and how long it lasts on the road. However, keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule isn’t easy when you need to keep track of oil changes, tire rotations, new tires, filter changes, inspections, brake pads, and more.

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Need to Protect Your Dream Car? Here’s How

By PMC Blog Staff on 4/5/19 11:05 AM

The automobile we choose to drive is more than simple transportation it conveys a unique message about who we are and what we value. A truck says something different than a sports car, just as a rugged SUV and a luxury sedan make completely distinct statements.

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Looking for Reliability? Look for the Fewest Recalls

By PMC Blog Staff on 3/30/19 4:41 PM

When looking for a new or gently-used car, reliability is an important factor in your decision. An unreliable car can lead to costly trips to the mechanic, especially if you don't have car warranty insurance. Checking a car's recall history is an easy way to evaluate reliability.

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