Five Perfect New England Road Trip Locations


New England Travel Plans

New England is always a perfect place for Americana-inspired road trips, considering its rich historical heritage that helped shape much of modern-day U.S. But did you know that the U.S. East Coast becomes a uniquely popular tourist destination come summertime?

When touring the East Coast during the summer, make it a point to include these places in your New England vacation. Feast your eyes on beautiful clear skies and lively greenery, as you make the best out of New England’s time-heralded charm and calming natural spectacles.

Cape Cod New England Road Trip Protect My Car

1. Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

Nothing compares to the refreshing view of a clean and clear waterfront marina. Boats and yachts lined up on a dock provide for a breathtaking scenery that gets better with clear sunshine. That’s why spending your summer in Cape Cod makes for a relaxing experience. The laid-back vibe allows you to savor the beauty of the sea with the perfect weather.

Now, let’s talk about the seafood. You can have the freshest catch you can ever get in the East Coast in several of Cape Cod’s seaside restaurants, as you and your companions make the most out of the summer heat by bathing in fine sandy beaches.

Burlington VT New England Protect my Car Road Trip

2. Burlington (Vermont)

Burlington is the largest city in Vermont and is understandably the quaint state’s busiest hub for commerce. It is also an ideal stop for road trippers looking to make the most out of the humid summers by spending it on pristine yet lively surroundings. Located between Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains, Burlington has all the lushness you can ever long for in the summer.

Key to enjoying Burlington is to make the most out of its regional specialty: dairy products. As the famous home of popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, Burlington promises you with a whole world of choices for dairy-based delicacies. Local cheeses are a must-try, and you also have the option to attend available cheese-making lessons in several of Burlington’s cheese houses.

New England Portland ME Light House Protect My Car

3. Portland (Maine)

Portland doesn’t set sub-par expectations, as its name alone promises splendid seafront views highlighted by its iconic lighthouses. The largest city of Maine provides a plethora of excellent spots for summertime picnics, what with the calming effect of sea breeze flowing through its picturesque port areas.

The Old Port district stands out as among Portland’s must-visit places. Filled with a unique selection of cafes and boutiques selling various crafts, the Old Port can satisfy your urge to shop for great finds in a small yet hip city. A variety of fresh seafood is also served in several of Portland’s restaurants, so you won’t run out of options for that perfect East Coast summer.

New Haven CT Yale Road Trip Protect My Car

4. New Haven (Connecticut)

As among the first planned cities in the US, New Haven in Connecticut serves as an interesting stop for your New England road trip. Neoclassical architecture is prevalent throughout New Haven, which is something that comes along as a rarity among super-modern American metropolises these days, making its surroundings a feast for the hungry eyes.

A visit to Yale University, one of the best in the US and the world, is considered quite a pilgrimage to travelers to New Haven. But more than that, New Haven offers various landmarks that characteristically adds to the appeal of its planned nature, with both the Green and the Amistad Memorial standing out as among the must-visits.

White Mountains NH New England Road Trip Protect My Car

5. White Mountains (New Hampshire)

Head towards New Hampshire and enjoy a full-fledged New England summer experience in the White Mountains. Filled with excellent hiking, fishing, and camping amenities, White Mountains serves as a true haven for the ultimate nature lover, making it a brilliant choice for your New England road trip plans.

The White Mountains encompasses huge swaths of highlands that comprise of rushing rivers, steep hiking trails, and lengthy wooden walkways overlooking its grand variety of greenery. Sights like the Mount Washington Resort and the Flume can only leave you in awe, while both the Cog Railway and the Kancamagus Highway can provide you with pleasant sceneries.

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