Your Seasonal Road Trip


Perfect US Destinations For The Seasonal Road Trip

Whatever the time of the year is, a seasonal road trip offers a soothing respite from the rigors of everyday life. You may find yourself being in the mood to enjoy stunning mountain views up in the country to escape the scorch, or enjoy the beach life down south as the frigid winter freezes things above the equator. Every season, indeed, has kinds of road trips that suit well.

Specifically, the US is blessed to have the best of its four seasons within its borders. Foreigners and residents alike appreciate the country’s vast territorial domains, which has various areas that experience seasonally different kinds of weather. With vast freeway networks for interstate travel, you can bet on the American experience to have a great road trip no matter the season.

When you know that a long drive to places away from home in the US is what you and your friends need, consider this list as a helpful guide for making your ideas on the best road trip destinations. Know that the US has a generous sum of road trip offerings unique for every season, so make the most out of the American experience as you hit the ground running with your car.

1. Winter

If you want to do something different when snow falls in your area other than cooping inside your home, under a blanket and with a cup of hot chocolate, then a road trip is absolutely a fantastic and possible option. Don’t mind your friend when he tells you you’re crazy for taking the long haul out in the cold – freezing temperatures make for some unique road trip ideas. This is the least favorite seasonal road trip.

Choose from any of the coastal southern states to start your all-American foray during the frostiest time of the year. If you’re from the east side, drive down to Florida and enjoy Miami’s balmy road trip weather or the Florida Keys’ tropical Atlantic lifestyle. Westside dwellers have the south of California to enjoy La Jolla’s beach lifestyle in San Diego or downtown LA’s hot urban vibe.

2. Spring

A time of brand-new starts for many and a period of rest for some, springtime provides for a relatively convenient time for going out on road trips. Several areas within the US feature scenic views of springtime blooms, and with spring break being a thing in the country, it makes for a perfect time to enjoy an all-American experience of being one with nature. When thinking of taking a seasonal road trip, consider Spring!

California’s wine districts serve as a relatively popular destination during springtime, given the temperate weather’s suitability for walking around vineyards as you let your body heat circulate after giving in to numerous wine-tasting sessions. If you’re coming from San Francisco, Napa Valley is a choice spot, while the Sierra Foothills is a convenient choice when from Los Angeles.

From the east side, gardens within the states of North Carolina and Georgia serve as perfect destinations for those who wish to experience springtime’s celebrated atmosphere of “springing back to life.” Midwesterners are not short of options themselves – from Chicago, a trip to Mackinac Island’s majestic Tulip Festival.

3. Summer

Scorching weather shouldn’t be a hindrance for you from walking away from your maxed-out aircon throughout summertime weekends. In fact, summer is a time for enjoying many of the America’s chilly locations, as road trip weather in those areas tend to rise to tolerable levels that many from the country’s hotter areas can enjoy with ease.

Maine, up northeast near Canada’s southern fringes, is an ideal place to gorge in on America’s best-tasting lobsters, as summertime transforms the state into a great getaway from the south’s burning heat. The rest of New England also offers wonderful Atlantic-side beaches that make for a great swim without having to worry much about getting sunburned.

Colorado, west of the US, serves as a splendid respite for southern folks escaping the blaze. With beautiful mountain ranges that are perfect for biking and trekking, you can find yourself craving for summer to stay forever in the start. You can pretty much say the same for the states of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, so you have great choices at hand. Summer is a great time for a seasonal road trip.

4. Fall

Autumn leaves falling to the ground is a scenario that makes many people fall in love with fall. Tolerable temperatures during fall make for great opportunities for walking around, which is why it’s the perfect time to enjoy America’s vast roster of places where anyone can bask in the romantic atmosphere characterized by earthy multicolored hues. Autumn is a perfect time for a seasonal road trip.

Being an American tradition, Halloween is a perfect occasion for one to make the most out of fall. Parties that bask in an all-American Halloween experience. Park City in Utah provides a festive atmosphere for trick-or-treaters or road trippers alike. For a family-friendly autumn getaway in the Midwest, Harbor Springs has the ideal communal vibe to experience Halloween as the leaves drop.

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