Rounding Up The Best Road Trip Cars In Today’s Market


Finding the Best Road Trip Car

A road trip can be memorable in two ways: it can either be remembered as a pleasant experience or a miserable ordeal. Surely, nothing compares to the joy of exchanging the mundanities of life for the splendid views of the open country road, but if your car’s not up for the job, then you might end up spoiling the fun for you and your companions.

For that, it’s certainly worth your while to check out our list of recommendations rounding up the best road trip cars in today’s market. Keep in mind that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t necessarily work for choosing a nice car for road trips, that’s why this list touches on various kinds of preferences.

Luxury Rider: Audi Q7

In several respects, the Audi Q7 easily beats the rest of the items in this list – except if the price is among your key considerations. Spacious interiors don’t seem to defy the Q7’s SUV-sleek exterior. After all, it’s the German deluxe marque’s largest off-road offering, offering three rows of seats that are perfect for large groups – family or friends.

Performance-wise, the Q7 is never lacking: a supercharged V6 engine quietly sits underneath the hood, boasting a 20-mpg fuel economy and seamless acceleration courtesy of Audi’s eight-speed automatic transmission. In terms of handling and comfort, the Q7 proves that it’s top-class: it feels every bit like a large luxury car, but at more than $60,000, you’ll have to fork out a lot.

Rough-Road Workhorse: Dodge Durango

Dodge has long established a name for off-road reliability, which is why the latest-generation Durango certainly deserves a spot on this list of best road trip cars. The Durango’s signature Dodge brashness goes beyond its exterior properties: its capacity to tow as much as 2,000 more pounds compared to its counterparts comes together impressively with its spacious cargo area.

The Durango runs slickly with its eight-speed automatic transmission for both its V6 and V8 variants, making it a smooth ride for your long-haul trip on the freeway. Country roads won’t be much of a bore with the Durango’s intuitive infotainment system, and parking safety is as good as guaranteed with its rearview camera option for middle to higher lines.

Midsized Marauder: Kia Sorento

Kia has moved away from its humble roots – the Sorento now emerges as among the best-midsized offerings for road trips. Despite being a smaller and less-luxurious offering than both the Q7 and Durango, the Sorento makes the most out of its priceworthy stature: a small yet useful third-row seat can fit in extra passengers, while the contoured second-row seats provide cool comfort.

The Sorento provides impressive fuel economy with its powerful V6 engine, which is something that’s previously unheard of for Kia cars of old. An intuitive infotainment system makes the Sorento convenient to use for long-distance rides on the freeway, while advanced options such as collision warnings and automatic emergency braking are available for higher models.

Fuel-Saving Elegance: Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota may come off as an ordinary choice for road trips, considering its image as a staple car in many middle-class households. But the Camry Hybrid serves as a great road trip choice from the highly-regarded Japanese marque. Despite looking more like a family sedan, the Camry Hybrid boasts practical features that make it an impressive road trip companion.

The Camry Hybrid’s cabin assures you and your companions of a comfortable and silent ride, and it doesn’t lack the requisite space in the rear seating area, making it a suitable choice for long drives. Plus, safety is well-assured in the Camry Hybrid: its satisfactory crash test record means that its durability and stability are both as good as guaranteed.

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