Best Kinds Of Road Trip Inspiration


Road Trip Inspiration

Going on a road trip often comes as a brainchild of inspiration – either because you’re moved by scenery changes or you need to be motivated to get going in your otherwise-mundane everyday life. It’s like taking a break to breathe some fresh air outside a room wrapped with a suffocating atmosphere, but in which you need to return to due to some unfinished business inside. Road trip inspiration doesn’t come easy sometimes.

Sometimes though, going on a road trip requires you to be inspired to go to one as well. After all, it would be wrong to assume that a road trip is a fantastic kind of excursion for all – some are just either too lazy to organize or go to one (even though they’d end up enjoying it anyway), or they don’t fancy its hassles at all. If you think you belong to the first of the two profiles, read on.

Adding a bit more push to that road trip spirit budding inside you requires that you be exposed to motivational materials. Road trip inspiration might come from a book, or watching a road trip movie complete with misadventures great to re-enact with friends (just not the death-defying stunts of course). Indeed, you can always rely on available materials to inspire yourself to go on a road trip.

Moving forward, know that there’s always a wide range of materials that you can use to inspire yourself to go on a road trip. Whether you want to listen to road trip songs that remind you of breezy long drives or go for that book or movie mentioned earlier on, you can always get in touch with your personal tastes to push through with that road trip of a lifetime inside your head.

Read road trip books

Some might argue that reading about road trips can be counterproductive – they would most likely argue that an activity that is so animated in nature is best enjoyed through shows and movies. But for those with less-static imaginations, reading about road trip inspiration can surely perk up the desire to go for the long haul.

Consider getting a great road trip book that highlights the destinations of your choice. For instance, if you want to go for an all-American experience, choose from any of Jamie Jensen’s Road Trip USA series of books. Those books contain a palette of visual and textual information highlighting the best road trip adventures spent in different parts of the US.

Crank up that road trip playlist

Auditory souls would prefer the power of sound to sway them into committing themselves to doing things, which is why music tends to serve as inspirational material to their ilk. Road trip inspiration songs, with their feel-good character and nostalgia-inducing flavor, can help many an audiophile to reach out for their bags and pack their road trip inspiration essentials inside them.

Having a great road trip playlist on hand is easier these days – online streaming services such as Spotify or Tidal provide numerous selections for people looking for musical material that inspires road trips. Those services allow you to create your own road trip songs from their deep catalog collections from different artists, and they also feature user-created road trip playlists.

Binge on some road trip movies

If you’re the kind who wants to see how others get road trip inspiration, albeit with twists exclusively possible inside any scriptwriter’s mind, then going for shows and movies that feature road trips as their central theme would serve as great sources of inspiration. Amid the crazy antics and mishaps typical of those shows and movies, they essentially close in on how fun road trips can turn out.

Little Miss Sunshine, for instance, consolidates different kinds of character inside a Volkswagen Kombi van, which they feature throughout the movie’s misadventures. The Detour – a sitcom that revolves around a family vacation, provides a comic relief highlighted by the characters’ contrasting personalities.

Why go for these materials?

Simple – you need to have an ample dose of road trip inspiration for you to jump into going on a road trip in the first place, and what more when you’re already in one? While any road trip has its fair share of annoyances, the thrill of going out to see places far and wide outside your comfort zone provides for a great way to acquaint yourself to the world and its primal beauty.

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