Road Trip Ideas


Road Trip Ideas For A Wonderful All-American Excursion

Some people just want to make the best out of their lives, and they have several ideas for doing so. A good number of them would consider going on a road trip as a great escape that lets them see the beauty of the world through a feel-good feeling of freedom. Traveling on the road – with good friends in tow stands as a fulfilling way to ease one of life’s otherwise stressful realities. Here are some fun road trip ideas!

Knowing that a road trip is a great option particularly for a continental country like the US, it pays to learn more about the best spots that make a long-haul journey along the country’s vast territorial domains worth the while. Here are some of the oft-recommended routes in the US renowned among travelers for giving the best scenery and experiences an all-American road trip offers.

1. Upstate New York

When thinking of road trip ideas, New York state would automatically elicit images of glittering Times Street, busy streets, and towering skyscrapers. But the American state mostly known for New York City has more wonders to offer apart from what could be the world’s most recognizable concrete jungle. Exploring the upstate areas holds you witness to the best of the state’s breathtaking natural wonders.

A recommended itinerary would include exploring the Finger Lakes area from the state capital, Albany. Notable natural sights along the way include the Seneca Lake and the Watkins Glen State Park, which contains a three-mile trek that has 19 stunning waterfalls along the way. The Finger Lakes itself is known for its wineries, many of which offer the region’s reputed ice wine.

2. California State Route 1

If you wish to have yourself acquainted with the American way of doing road trips, then traveling along California State Route 1 would certainly work well as a great starting point. The entire route stretches from the northern reaches of San Diego County up to the Golden State’s redwood forests in Dana Point. A drive along the route gives you the best of the state’s multi-climate features.

A winter drive beginning upstate is ideal for escaping Northern California’s frigid temperatures, while a road trip from downstate is best for running away from scorching conditions. Along the way, you get to experience California’s melting pot of lifestyles – the wineries of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles traffic jams, surfers in Santa Cruz, and San Francisco’s skyscrapers all included.

3. Silverado Trail

Another interesting drive along California is the Silverado Trail, which treks much of the arteries going through Napa Valley – the state’s renowned wine country. A brief drive from the state capital Sacramento brings you to an area flourishing with the state’s finest wineries, making it a pleasant destination of choice for those going during spring and autumn.

Grapevines along the Silverado Trail serve as sources of the region’s known exports – chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. The Napa River Ecological Reserve also goes through a good part of the trail, providing you with views lined with oak trees and bay areas. Mount Saint Helena overlooks much of the entire trail, with its red-rock presence providing for memorable photo ops.

4. Vermont Cheese Trail

Traveling gourmands will certainly enjoy the interesting offerings of the Vermont Cheese Trail which, as the name itself implies, passes through much of the Green State’s facilities for cheese-makers. A road trip along this trail provides several opportunities for tasting sessions as well as cheese products for sale, hence making for a tasty adventure. Great place when thinking of road trip ideas!

While some may not know Vermont for its heritage of cheese-makers’ expertise, the Cheese Trail provides you with an entirely new thing to remember about the state. From smooth cow’s milk varieties like Plymouth cheese to hard cheeses such as the sheep’s milk-based Montagne, you can encounter several cheese varieties along the way.

5. Texas Borderlands

Road trippers looking to explore scenic all-American frontier areas wouldn’t be disappointed with the Texas borderlands, which runs through the course of Lower 48. An ideal way to enjoy it is to travel beginning from the Big Bend National Park – a refuge best known for its picturesque mountains and desert plains.

Several sights along the borderlands provide you with an authentic taste of the American country lifestyle. Fort Stockton, mainly an oil town, is a refuge that comes with the distinct character of an American frontier settlement. Going further, you’ll end up discovering even more interesting sights such as Marathon town and the Chisos mountain chain.

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