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Road Trip Guide – Going Cross Country…

Road trip guide, for those of you that are able to make your dream a reality and you, are able to take a wonderful cross-country road trip, considering that several life commitments may be hindering it from pushing through. But once such an opportunity presents itself, then it would be great to proceed with the planning process – a cross-country road trip, after all, requires comprehensive planning to become successful.  Using a road trip guide when planning a trip like this is key to saving time driving and to ensure that you hit all the key scenic areas of the parts of the country that you are passing through.

But before you proceed with a brainstorming session with your friends, keep in mind that it’s best to know first the basics that make a cross-country road trip great. Such, of course, were borne out of the experiences of other road trippers. While experiences may vary, it’s best to have at least a skeletal knowledge of the fundamentals to take note of when you’re going out for a cross-country road trip.  So having a road trip guide will save you from getting lost in unfamiliar areas, keep your road trip guide on you at all times.   If you have a passenger with you that can act as a navigator using your road trip guide should make the trip a lot easier on the driver.

Breaks are Great…and Necessary

Do note that road trips get extremely exhausting at some point, especially if you’re the driver. With that, it’s highly crucial that you consider taking rests in between when you’re looking to travel long distances in between your destinations. Be aware that road accidents remain rife along freeways and long routes, mainly because drivers have worn themselves out on the road.

Understand that road trip routes usually have stopovers – may they be in the form of a gas station, roadside diner, or part of a lodging facility complex. Before hitting the road, make sure to have those locations planned out in your route, mark them down on your map in your road trip guide so you are prepared for the expense of staying overnight at hotels or campgrounds you have already spent time researching ahead of time – they should come in handy for when you need to rest from driving or if certain emergencies – toilet breaks included, take place along the way.

Always Go for Full Tank and a Proper Checkup

Know that your car is your best friend in your cross-country road trip – apart from your closest mate in your travel group, of course. Without your car, you won’t be able to go on a road trip in the first place, so keep in mind the importance of inspecting it – from the amount of gas it has before setting off to even the slightest faults that may end up compromising your travel.

Perhaps days prior to your road trip, make sure to bring your car to your trusted mechanic for checkups. Any ailments that may end up ruining your road trip experience may be discovered and resolved early in this way. Plus, keeping a full tank before hitting the freeway is a surefire way to securing a hassle-free travel, apart from identifying gas stations along the way of course. 

Unleash your inner Shutterbug 

When going out on a road trip, it’s best to bring your camera along with you. You and your mates are bound to feast your eyes on the most eye-watering spots that you rarely see throughout the mundanity of your daily lives in the real world. To memorialize those sights, keep in mind that a great camera provides a welcome distraction for your cross-country road trip.

You’ll certainly make the most out of your road trip if you have the skills sufficient to unleash the greatness out of professional cameras, what with the imaging powers those kinds of equipment possess. But don’t fret if you only have your smartphone as your camera – they still make for great road trip essentials and you have multitudes of imaging apps if you’re into greater creativity.

Great Mates Make for Awesome Memories

Choosing who to go on a cross-country road trip with is entirely your prerogative – indeed, you do have a set of friends that you can go along with while traveling on a long-haul basis. But there are inherent challenges in choosing your mates for your planned road trip. Apart from schedule conflicts, you might have to deal with an assortment of stressful attitudes when the going gets tough.

For that, keep in mind that there are useful ways for choosing your road trip companions, which can ensure you of a stress-free ride as you read through parts unknown in your adventure. If you must, do try to limit your circle to a set of people who can deal with the tough times as you all face various uncertainties throughout the course of your cross-country road trip.

At the same time, it’ll be a handy bonus to have someone in your circle who’s an expert in cross-country road trips. That person can be your go-to guy for when you run into anxiety-inducing dilemmas typical of unfamiliar places. Especially for first-timers, that person can be extremely helpful in case problems arise during your road trip.

Prepare a Roadworthy Playlist

Roadworthiness is a concept that isn’t just limited to your car’s overall condition. It can also apply to your playlist – one that should contain the best of you and your mates’ favorites that can keep a lively vibe throughout your road trip. For that, you should take the time to create a great cross-country road trip playlist – in case you haven’t prepared one for yourself yet.

Back then, creating a playlist would require saving tracks on CD’s or playing downloaded music files on your music player connected through your car’s auxiliary jack. But thanks to advancing technology, you can now use your online streaming subscription to organize tracks into playlists. If your car is relatively new, a Bluetooth-enabled connection would be a convenient must-have.

By the way, a “roadworthy” playlist would generally mean one that has songs perfect for generating a positive atmosphere for you and your mates. It can contain your top favorites or may be filtered further into songs that have a lively melody. For a start, you can create a set that includes songs that are great and can keep you awake, especially if you’re the one driving.

You have the opportunity to plan a trip cross country be sure to have a road trip guide in place to make the most of your trip and the experience of your passengers.


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