Protect My Car Team Participates in America II Corporate SportsFest


On April 21, 2018, Protect My Car, one of the nation’s leading providers of extended vehicle service contract and maintenance plans, swapped their business attire for beach gear to participate in America II Corporate SportsFest.

The event, which took place at the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach, Florida, saw more than 5,000 participants from over 200 companies compete in five events: beach volleyball, tug of war, beach dodgeball, corn toss, and the famous “surf and turf” relay race.

While teams vied for a spot in the winner’s circle at the end of the day, the real purpose of the event was to promote team building, foster collaboration, and encourage employees to interact with colleagues who they don’t typically connect with in their day-to-day work experience.

While SportsFest is a collaborative event, which focuses on team communication and competition, having fun is always the main priority. “It was fantastic to see our employees, from our various departments, come together for a fun-filled morning of friendly competition,” stated Aaron Slavin, Director of Compliance for Protect My Car and organizer of the Protect My Car SportsFest team. “As someone who grew up heavily involved in sports, I have a great appreciation for what sports have to offer and I am a firm believer in the transferability of many of the skills that were on display (i.e., team work, perseverance, communication, sportsmanship and fair play). I was thoroughly impressed with our team and it was great to see them let loose and have fun with each other,” stated Slavin. “And while we didn’t win any prizes this year, we certainly didn’t come back empty handed — because our people now have a better understanding and appreciation of their co-workers.”

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