Car Maintenance Checklist: Be Prepared to Hit the Road


Car Maintenance Checklist

One does not need to be a veteran, professional race car driver to understand the importance of car maintenance.  It helps in improving vehicle performance as it goes together with protecting a well-earned investment. But as with all other life priorities, car maintenance tends to fall into the back burner. That’s something drivers should endeavor to manage to prevent unwanted car-related circumstances.

For that, having a car maintenance checklist can help you manage your car’s overall condition as you enhance it well enough for use on the road. Keep in mind that you and your passengers’ safety greatly rely on your car’s well-being. This is exactly why a rundown of the basics that you need to consider for car maintenance should make for a great start.

Kick-start your car maintenance regimen by including these items in your checklist. These items can not only help you in avoiding additional hits against your bank account, as they can make your life easier away from the unsightly possibilities of sudden breakdowns, visible wear and tear, and road accidents.

1. Oil Change

You shouldn’t take oil change for granted. They are essential in keeping your car for longer. In fact, car manufacturers themselves make it a point to void warranties for car owners who fail to perform oil change whenever needed. Having your oil changed directly benefits your car’s cooling system, which helps you prevent overheating or worse, failing.

2. Car Washing

Although having your car washed isn’t exactly correlated to improvements in your car’s performance, including that in your car maintenance checklist is still a must. Getting a car wash allows you to retain your car’s new-look feel. Just make sure to use cleaning agents specifically used for cars. That way, you won’t risk having to damage your car’s protective wax and paint.

3. Scheduled Service

There’s a reason why car manufacturers include scheduled service details on user manuals. They know very well when their cars would have to be maintained. With that, it’s important that you don’t miss your scheduled service. It guarantees you of original parts and proven prowess in maintenance and repair, even though it comes off as relatively costlier.

4. Air Filter Replacement

Fuel economy is essential for every driver, which is why air filter replacement is a must-have in any car maintenance checklist. Don’t allow yourself to spend more on fuel as your car performs poorer due to clogged air filters. Having your air filters replaced when due can augment your fuel savings and strengthen your car’s acceleration.

5. Tire Pressure Inspection

Your tires can be your lifeline to a safe trip – an unexpected blowout can lead to disastrous consequences on the road. That’s why it’s important to inspect whether your tires are of the right pressure. You don’t even need to have that done by an expert since you can purchase your own tire gauge. With a little research, you can use your own tire gauge to read your car’s tire pressure.


Your car is more than just a valuable investment – it’s a vessel that ensures you of convenience when traveling from point A to point B. To maintain that, it’s important that you follow through these items in your car maintenance checklist, each of which touches on your car’s overall well-being. In case something ever does happen PMC’s Ambassador Plan can help assist with the cost of the repair.

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