One Important Question to Ask Your Mechanic Before They Begin Work on Your Vehicle


Most people know very little about the vehicles they drive and when something suddenly stops working you find yourself at the mercy of the mechanic. You hope they’re being honest about the scope of the repair and the cost, but you can’t be certain, which is why finding someone trustworthy should be a top priority.

If you don’t have an honest mechanic you can use without worry, finding one based off a friend’s recommendation is always a good idea. Using online reviews is another option and we suggest getting more than one opinion while trying to diagnose your vehicle’s problem. When shopping around and trying to settle on a repair person, there is one question we always suggest you ask: Are you certified?

Most reputable repair shops will have certifications from the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). Founded in 1972, the non-profit organization has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service for more than four decades. The ASE promotes excellence by testing and certifying automotive professionals. According to the organization, in the United States, there are currently about 250,000 mechanics who hold ASE certifications. When trying to find someone to trust your vehicle’s repairs to, start there. Look for someone who is ASE-certified. It doesn’t mean that all ASE certified mechanics are honest but it’s a good place to start when searching for someone to trust.

ASE-certified mechanics are required to show evidence of expertise in their field, and they’re constantly tested and re-tested to keep them up to date with the industry’s changing technology.

If you’re in the market for a mechanic, and need help with starting your search, click here. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has a section on its website devoted to locating a Blue Seal Shop. The organization says those are shops were most of the technicians are professionally certified. There are nearly 1,500 of them in the U.S. By putting in your zip code and a search radius in miles, you should be able find one close to where you live.

When it comes to car repairs, we always suggest asking a lot of questions, getting more than one opinion, and doing your own research before signing the dotted line and handing over your credit card.

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