New Vehicle Technology Helps You Drive


Vehicle technology is getting better and better. Cars develop impressively in time, having gone from being Spartan runabouts to sophisticated transporting machines that also places a premium on pleasurable driving experiences best enhanced by technological components. Thus, if you’re planning to make a car purchase this year, you should expect at the very least that you’d be able to enjoy some state-of-the-art technological developments. With new toys to tinker with in new cars, you’d definitely be led to think that purchasing the latest model from a brand of your choice would sound like a novel idea, if not completely a practical one. Even so, you must make it a point to explore these various kinds of cool new technological packages in cars so you’d know what you’d want to consider next.

New-Version Back-Up Cameras

Being a car owner, parking your car forms part of the most annoying aspects of driving, what with the possibility of committing mistakes while gunning for a perfect fit in every parking slot. Nonetheless, with the help of backup cameras, you’d be able to give yourself some ease when parking. Newer models of backup cameras now include a plethora of new functions provided by its multiple-angle views, which ensures that you got your car covered all sides. What’s even more exciting is the fact that you’re now able to experience the superb capturing capabilities provided by new backup camera models, allowing you to see hard-to-view angles when parking. You need to park in tight spaces or stay within cramped conditions should be enough impetus for you to order the new version of backup cameras. Backup cameras are a great addition to new vehicle technology.

Updated Headlight Technology

New vehicle technology for your car’s headlights are set to go underway this year – LED-powered headlights for added brightness and greater endurance, and high beams that automatically switch on and off for improving your night vision. You may want to consider going for any or both of said new technologies. The money-saving wonders of LED-powered headlights are born out of the fact that they don’t burn out at all. That alone would no longer require you to shell out more of your money to replace your car’s headlights while benefiting from its brightness for improved vision on the road. Automatic high beams are also available now as an option for when you want to enhance your vision while driving at night.

Auto-Steering System

Once upon a time, auto-steering has seemed like a concept that’s exclusive only in sci-fi thrillers. But with the constancy of technological innovations, reality has already sunk in on the development of auto-steering systems, which comes in two kinds: lane-keep assist systems and semi-autonomous steering systems. The first system allows your car to return to its proper lane while running if it detects that your car is drifting out of it. The second system provides for what modern technology has gone closest to actually have your car steer you. Albeit both kinds of auto-steering systems are still under constant development alongside the fully-autonomous car, both can be helpful for you especially if your commute path involves long highways. Although an auto-steering system can bring you to navigate a certain number of sharp curves without your control, it’ll eventually ask you to manually control steering once it can no longer handle commands.

Car Management via Smartphone

The idea that you’re now able to control everything using your smartphone is a welcome development in the automotive world. With the smartphone has been a breeding ground of ideas for connectivity, its use for controlling your car would most likely sound like music to your ears. Convenience-savvy people might find it useful to use an app that points their car’s location, provides information on its overall status, and serves as some sort of remote control for certain functions. With that vehicle technology, you can now use your smartphone for a bevy of functions such as starting your car’s engine and reaching out for immediate roadside assistance in case of emergencies. Furthermore, with apps for vehicle management being mostly free for use, you’d be able to maximize your phone’s use without having to cough out a massive fee.

Better Smartphone Integration for In-Car Entertainment

Again, it is worth emphasizing that automakers nowadays are making good use of the smartphone’s powers for car management to add to vehicle technology. As you may have noticed throughout the past five to ten years, newly-released cars have constantly incorporated smartphone compatibility into their in-car entertainment systems. Most people who bought brand-new automobiles from as far back as 2006 have all been able to transmit calls or music from their smartphones to their cars’ Bluetooth-activated in-car entertainment systems. Now, infotainment has expanded further in in-car entertainment systems. Innovations such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay now allow you to virtually use your smartphone’s features from your car’s infotainment screen. Such advancements, apart from being inexpensive, provide you with maximum convenience as they allow you to access your smartphone’s functions conveniently while driving. New vehicle technology is continuing to get better and better in this area!

Owner’s Manual in Augmented Reality

You know for a fact that being a car owner requires you to have convenient access to your owner’s manual. Traditionally, owner’s manuals come in the form of paper hardcopies, which are typically placed in dashboard compartments. Eventually, automakers transitioned to provide soft copies of those owner’s manuals. Now, owner’s manuals come in the form of augmented-reality copies, which allows anyone to get more information on their cars’ components just by scanning them with their smartphones. That sort of convenience is still undergoing development, but it is nonetheless bound to be available to all car owners for free, as an add-on to regular owner’s manuals.

Self-Parking Mechanism

New vehicle technology is making parking a thing of the past. Self-parking is made possible through the coordination of sensors, cameras, and other in-car functionalities that allow the car to move on its own in parking on a designated slot. That system wouldn’t even require you to touch your pedal or steering wheel – a massive convenience considering that parking can be stressful at times. However, you must brace yourself to pay more if you want a self-parking mechanism for your new car since its use of multiple components will make it understandably pricey.

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