The Most (And Least) Reliable Cars Of 2021


Cars are expensive and the best way to get your moneys worth is to buy one that will last. Resale value is largely tied to this as well. Mazda, Toyota, Lexus and Honda all have incredibly impressive resale value

Every year Consumer Reports makes a list of the most reliable vehicles of that year. The averages they come up with is dependent on a lot of factors and they take into account all of the models that the brand has put out. For example Chevrolet ranked well because of its electric vehicles and trucks. Buick in particular rose more in rank than any other vehicle do to the improvements they made over the last year to their small line of vehicles.

Mazda was another surprise this year topping the list and beating out the longtime best and most reliable (so we thought) car brand, Toyota. Toyota is obviously still a great choice if you want a reliable vehicle coming in second on the list after Mazda and followed by its sister brand Lexus. Honda is another no brainer on the list and has been for the better part of 20 years.

Other brands of interest include Subaru which has been ranked lower due to issues with a particular car model. Bottoming out the list includes Lincoln unsurprisingly who received a dismal score of 8. Tesla, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper, Ford and Cadillac all managed a score under 40.

  • Mazda (83)
  • Toyota (74)
  • Lexus (71)
  • Buick (70)
  • Honda (63)
  • Hyundai (62)
  • Ram (58)
  • Subaru (57)
  • Porsche (55)
  • Dodge (54)
  • Infiniti (54)
  • BMW (52)
  • Nissan (51)
  • Audi (46)
  • Kia (45)
  • GMC (43)
  • Chevrolet (42)
  • Volvo (41)
  • Jeep (41)
  • Mercedes-Benz (40)
  • Cadillac (38)
  • Ford (38)
  • Mini (37)
  • Volkswagen (36)
  • Tesla (29)
  • Lincoln (8)

The 10 Most Reliable Models Of 2021

Now that we’ve covered the most reliable car brands, let’s discuss the makes and models that are doing the most. Consumer reports is the gold standard again in this area, they report essentially an assumption of how the 2021 model vehicle’s will perform based off of the performance data from the previous year reported by over 300,000 car owners. The vehicles with the most reported issues don’t fair well and the vehicles with the fewest issues reported rank the best. This all takes place over a 12 month period of reporting.

1. Toyota Prius

2. Lexus NX

3. Buick Encore

4. Lexus GX

5. Honda HR-V

6. Toyota Prius Prime

7. Hyundai Kona

8. Audi A5

9. Audi A4

10. Mazda CX-5

The 10 Least Reliable Models Of 2021

1. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500

2. Subaru Ascent

3. Volkswagen Atlas

4. Jeep Compass

5. Volvo XC90

6. Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon

7. Tesla Model S

8. Jeep Wrangler

9. Ford EcoSport

10. Volvo XC60

Consumer reports put the Toyota Prius at the top of the list this year with Chevy and GMC trucks coming in as least reliable.

The Most Expensive Vehicles To Own

Over ten years time, the following vehicles costs the most for repairs according to our source:

Chrysler Sebring – $17,200

BMW 328i – $15,600

Nissan Murano – $14,700

Mercedes-Benz E350 – $14,700

Chevrolet Cobalt – $14,500

Dodge Grand Caravan – $14,500

Ram 1500 – $13,300

The Vehicles That Lasted The Longest

Top 7 longest-lasting cars over ten years time:

Toyota Avalon

Honda Accord

Honda Odyssey

Ford Taurus

Chevrolet Impala

Toyota Camry

Nissan Maxima

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