Making The Perfect Road Trip Playlist on Spotify


Anyone and everyone will always be up for adventures. Adventures do not necessarily mean you must cross oceans and countries in order for you to have a good time but rather, there are many local destinations to explore and at least visit once in your life. Road trips are the best ways to travel short-distance locations and discover new places just near the comforts of home.

But sometimes, road trips can end up being time-consuming and boring. This shouldn’t be the case since you would be with other people who also want to have a good time or at least try to have a good time. So before you go on any road trip to a certain destination, check out this road trip playlist recommendations on Spotify to help adjust your on-the-road vibe.

Good Vibes

This playlist runs for three hours and would best fit the personalities of bubbly, free-spirited individuals. The playlist is perfect for pop music lovers with its catchy tunes you can always sing along to. With songs from The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and Clean Bandit, the playlist give you so much energy to be excited about your road trip ahead.

Hanging Out and Relaxing

Good for six hours, this one is a good choice if you want to concentrate on the long drive ahead of you. It can be played on the parts of the road trip wherein people are tired from talking and socializing with one another and just want to relax for the remaining parts of the trip. It is also perfect when you are just enjoying the scenic drive.

Good Times Great Oldies

This is a playlist meant for intergenerational passengers. With three hours-worth of classic songs that are usually found in karaoke bars, the playlist gives you the perfect time to be nostalgic and reminisce your childhood especially when you are going on a long drive to meet relatives. The playlist gives nothing but good vibes to all ages.

Jazz Classics

Perfect for long drives that have coastal sceneries and mountainous landscapes, this is a good playlist to use when everyone wants some downtime in the car and just concentrate and de-stress from the drive. This playlist – chock-full of songs with its nine hours-long catalogs, can easily soothe your soul in the middle of a very long drive.

Roadtrip with Friends

This is one great road trip playlist – two hours long in fact, for when you are with your friends, as stated in the playlist title. Not only do the songs give you upbeat tunes and catchy music for the road trip, but it also gives you the energy that you and your friends need. With this, you can start or end the trip happily.

How you enjoy your driving always depends on the people that you are with. Whether it would be music, movies, or games, anything is always better when you have other people around to enjoy it with. These five playlists are some of which you can use to make your road trips a fun and enjoyable one. Maybe in the future, going on the same roads can bring back the memories.

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