Is the 2015 Jeep Cherokee recall list a problem for you?

By PMC Blog Staff on 2/20/19 1:08 PM

If you receive a recall notice on your vehicle, it’s not just another letter to throw in the filing cabinet and forget about! Say your car makes the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Recall list for a seatbelt issue. This may not sound urgent to you, but the reason recall notices are made is because there have been numerous, proven issues with the seatbelt. Ignoring the recall could jeopardize the safety of you or a loved one.

The problem is, about 20 percent of vehicles that are recalled don’t go in for repairs, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). This means over 10 million vehicles each year have been issued recalls that are ignored.  

A Recall Isn't a Sales Call

There are a number of reasons many consumers don’t respond to recall notices. Some of these reasons are:

  • Having to go without a vehicle while the repairs are being made
  • Worry that the dealership will try to charge them for additional repairs not covered under the recall
  • Uncertainty over how important the recall really is if it’s even necessary
  • Not knowing exactly who to contact after receiving the recall notice

Keep in mind, most recalls deal with safety issues, which means over 10 million vehicles each year have been issued recalls that are ignored and may be unsafe to drive.

Why Response is Important

Most vehicles on the recall list are in need of repairs to safety equipment like air bags, seat belts, brake parts, or other critical parts. In fact, the largest vehicle recall in history concerned the defective Takata Corp air bags. These air bags were installed on the 2001 Honda Accord and have the possibility of blowing up when deployed, which is very dangerous. This recall is still ongoing because not all consumers of the 2001 Accord have brought their vehicle in for repairs.

Even if your vehicle made the 2015 Jeep Cherokee recall list, that doesn’t necessarily mean the recall was issued for a safety issue. Some recalls are issued over smaller, non-critical or performance components, but can become major inconveniences if ignored. A recall for 2015 Jeep Compass issues was because of a mislocated power steering clamp. While this may not directly result in a major safety issue, it can cause a major inconvenience. Your vehicle may end up breaking down, performing badly or stranding you on the side of the road without any notice.

Your 2015 Jeep Compass Issues Are Covered by the Recall

Having your vehicle repaired due to a recall notice won’t cost you anything. A recall is done because the manufacturer made a mistake and needs to correct the issue. Ignoring a recall may result in safety issues, or at the least, an inconvenience when your vehicle breaks down. Depending on the reason for your vehicle’s recall, it may result in hours or days without the use of your car. But most dealerships offer loaner vehicles for these purposes, so you shouldn’t be stuck with out-of-pocket expenses. If your dealership tries to tack on any other repairs or expenses not associated with the recall notice issue, find a new dealership. You’re the owner of the vehicle not the dealership.

If your vehicle has issues, or you are worried that you will have issues that aren’t covered by a recall notice, it’s a great advantage to have a top-rated extended warranty from Protect My Car.

Don’t Ignore a Recall Notice

If your vehicle can be found on a recall list, don’t ignore it. It could contribute to the safety of your vehicle and the safety of you and your passengers, not to mention everyone you come across on the road.  If you’re worried about repair issues not subject to a recall notice, Protect My Car can help in getting extended coverage for repairs.


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