Is An Extended Auto Car Warranty Worth It?


Ask Yourself: Is An Extended Car Warranty Worth It?

Purchasing a new car from a dealership typically leads you to this scenario – you walk into the dealer’s office to discuss Q&As with your dealer, sign the papers closing the sale, then listen to his additional preliminaries. Then comes what could be the most overwhelming part – your dealer offers you an extended auto warranty. So, is an extended car warranty worth it?

Several questions would certainly pop out of your head once your dealer – most of the time in a passive-aggressive way, pushes you into buying an extended auto warranty. But knowing the basic questions you should ask yourself is helpful for you to fully appreciate whatever decision you may take on the offer. Here are the questions you must ask yourself when offered an extended warranty.

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Is the Extended Car Warranty offer the best deal?

The first thing that you should check on when asking “ Is an extended car warranty worth it “, is the price. Judging the price includes its coverage as among its merits, as well as how other companies would price their own offerings with similar or better coverage’s. You must then make it a point to gather all information on extended auto warranty prices in the market before making that purchase from your dealer.

As an investment tool, an extended auto warranty extends your automaker’s default bumper-to-bumper coverage for a longer period, subject to additional perks provided by the offering company that may serve as deal breakers. Keeping that in mind, that should make you understand that purchasing an extended auto warranty from your dealer shouldn’t simply be a matter of courtesy.

Does the auto maker back the company offering the extended car warranty?

Although an extended auto warranty effectively extends the effects of your automaker’s bumper-to-bumper coverage, it’s nonetheless offered by a third-party company. For that, keep in mind that the company’s background in offering warranty products is crucial to your decision to purchase that extended auto warranty.

Getting feedback from other customers who have purchased an extended auto warranty from the same company as that offered by your dealer serves as a practical way to know more about the company’s background. If the automaker of your car itself backs the company offering the extended auto warranty, then consider that as an addition to its positive points.

Does the extended car warranty policy cover common expensive mechanical repairs?

Understanding whether the coverage offered under the extended auto warranty (particularly those that are add-ons to the initial bumper-to-bumper coverage) is necessary provides you with a key point for decision-making in purchasing what your dealer is offering you right there and then. For that, ask him more about the details on the coverage, and reflect on their supposed benefits. This will help you decide “ is an extended auto warranty worth it “.

Knowing whether the repairs under the extended auto warranty are fully covered or partial to a certain set of areas is also important for making a sound decision on the offer. Keep in mind as well that your intended period of usage for your car is crucial as well. If you don’t plan on using your car beyond the extended auto warranty’s terms, then why bother?

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Do you stand to lose more if you do not purchase an extended car warranty?

Massaging the pains of regret felt for not purchasing the extended auto warranty from your dealer should be done in advance – just right before you put pen on paper on the deal. Keep in mind that the same deal set by the dealer in front of you might come at a more expensive rate should you opt for it in the future, what with the time-exclusive discounts and other perks that may come with it.

If you don’t stand to lose more from opting not to purchase the extended auto warranty, then you should have no reason to ponder much of any purported losses. One way to deal with that is to research on your car’s reliability – mainly from consumer information publications. Your decision to purchase the extended auto warranty would hinge on the feedback from your research.

Does your repair and maintenance track record necessitate an extended car warranty?

Lastly, keep in mind that an extended auto warranty can only be as useful insofar as your repair and maintenance track record fits the profile for maximizing its coverage. Understand that such record holds the key for determining the kinds of repair and maintenance regimens that may be financially cushioned by the extended auto warranty, which in turn deems it a worthy purchase.

Looking at your out-of-warranty costs serve as a useful way for determining whether it’s necessary to purchase an extended auto warranty in the first place. If you tend to spend so much on out-of-warranty costs more than on items covered by the extended auto warranty, then you might end up going for an unworthy purchase. For that, it’s best to shop for other warranty options elsewhere. Is an extended auto warranty worth it? We think yes.

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