Insurance and Best Extended Car Warranty — Do You Need Both?


You Need the Best Extended Car Warranty Alongside Insurance

You know how important it is to have car insurance. Not only is it legally required in your state, but it will protect you from all manner of risks whenever you get behind the wheel. This is good to know, especially if you drive a car that has just run out of warranty. After all, you’ll be able to submit a claim should you suffer a major mechanical malady, right? 

You’re not alone if you think that way, but unfortunately, you are incorrect. There’s a big difference between auto insurance and an extended car warranty, so what do you need to know?

To put it simply, each of these products offers a different level of protection. Each one of them will come to your rescue but only in specific circumstances. To get maximum coverage, you will need to have both car insurance and the best extended car warranty.

Understanding Car Insurance

Car insurance is a contract between yourself and the insurance company that guarantees they will cover your losses if you are involved in a collision. If your car is otherwise damaged by an act of God or somebody seeks to deprive you of your asset, then they will also come to your rescue. State laws require you to have auto insurance, and there are stiff penalties if you don’t keep it up. In the worst-case scenario, you could lose your car or have your license suspended.

Getting the Best Extended Car Insurance Warranty

A car warranty will cover you should you suffer mechanical problems in the normal course of driving. You may have received a warranty if you purchased your car new from a dealer, but these types of warranties have an expiry date — typically five years after delivery. Many dealers include these warranties in the purchase price, and they usually cover the engine, transmission, powertrain, and related parts.

When your initial warranty runs out, you can continue with this level of protection if you purchase an extended car warranty. This will give you additional peace of mind when you’re driving. If something major were to happen, you could claim this damage against this warranty. Just remember, the typical warranty does not cover ordinary maintenance items, replacement brake pads, worn tires, oil, or filters.

Comparing the Two

To be clear, a car insurance policy will cover mechanical damage caused during an accident. However, it will not cover any mechanical issues you pick up in the normal course of driving.

Your extended warranty will cover a part that fails through no fault of your own as long as it is not caused by any third-party action. In other words, the warranty will protect you if mechanical components fail when you expect them to function.

Make Life More Predictable With an Extended Car Warranty

Car insurance and extended warranty products protect you from circumstances beyond your control. You need to have both products in place if you want to reduce your risk and protect your bank balance as much as possible.

It’s worth considering the additional advantages associated with an extended warranty. When you take out this type of policy, you will get guaranteed roadside help and around the clock and support. If your vehicle needs to go into the shop for repairs, then you can even get help towards the cost of a rental car.

Don’t underestimate the risk you may face. If you were to pick up a major transmission fault, your bill could be as high as $2,700 to fix it. Issues with your cooling system? The average repair cost in 2017 was almost $600.

Choose Your Extended Warranty Today


For full peace of mind, it’s important for you to maintain both auto insurance and an extended car warranty so you’re protected whether you’re in a crash, suffer an act of nature, experience theft, or have any mechanical issues stemming from ordinary use.

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