How to Protect Your Car From Theft


Having your car stolen is something you probably don’t think about often. It’s not something we feel is likely to happen to us. While anti-theft technology in cars is more sophisticated than ever, so are the tools available to would-be car thieves.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to help reduce the chance of a thief making off with your car.

Nothing Is Burglar-Proof 

Car manufacturers have made a lot of improvements in how they protect against theft. Technology like engine immobilization is standard on most new cars, and internet-connected cars let owners or companies track and disable stolen cars from anywhere in the world. While these technologies have made stealing cars more difficult, the technology and tools used by thieves has gotten better as well.

No car is completely safe from theft, but it’s surprising how many thefts are crimes of opportunity and how easy it can be to avoid the hassle of police reports, insurance claims, and finding a replacement car. It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

How to Protect Your Car 

In many cases, keeping your car safe is as easy as making sure the doors are locked. Here are some things to remember before you exit your car:

  • Lock the doors and close the windows – On hot summer days, you might be tempted to leave car windows open to keep the interior cool. Or maybe you just need to step inside somewhere for a quick minute. No matter the reason or location, be sure to lock your car and roll up the windows.
  • Don’t leave your car running – You shouldn’t heat up or cool down your car while you’re not in it, unless you have factory-installed remote start. Leaving your car unattended while it’s running makes it an easy target that can be hard for an opportunist to refuse. Plus, you can be held liable if your car gets stolen while running unattended.
  • Park smart – Look for parking spaces that are well-lit and in secured or monitored parking lots, especially at night. If you can, park closer to doors where a steady flow of people is more likely. Parking garages can be a secure place to park but may be riskier to personal safety. Look for spaces that are closer to security cameras or attendants. 
  • Keep track of spare keys – Don’t hide spare keys in obvious spaces like under the front mat or stashed in a potted plant. If one of these keys goes missing suddenly, your car might be next. 
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight – Actually, don’t leave valuables in your car at all. Shopping bags, purses, headphones, or even loose change may be enough for a passing thief to break in, and some might take the next step and steal your car. Hiding valuables in the trunk or glovebox keeps them out of sight, but a thief may be watching from a distance. 
  • Consider home security – Security cameras pointed at your driveway can make a potential thief think twice about stealing your car; plus they provide protection for your home. 

Added Protection

Being diligent is just one way to protect your car. When your car’s manufacturer warranty runs out, you can keep yourself and your budget protected from the painful surprise of an unexpected breakdown or repair bill.

An extended warranty from Protect My Car offers you the comprehensive coverage you need to protect your investment. Features like 24/7 roadside assistance can give you peace of mind, knowing you don’t have to be stranded on the side of the road without help. 

Protecting Your Car From Theft and Wear and Tear

As complex as the security systems in cars have become, would-be burglars and thieves have equally complex tools they can use to bypass them. But in many cases, car thefts are crimes of opportunity and can be prevented by taking simple precautions.

Protecting your car from theft is important, and so is protecting it after the manufacturer warranty expires. An extended car warranty from Protect My Car is an essential tool that can reduce the cost of maintenance in the event of an unexpected breakdown.


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