The Safest Way To Move A Dead Car


Having your car die on you can be an incredibly stressful experience. If the car dies in an inconvenient location like the middle of a busy road, or where you’ve parked someone else in, you’ll need to get the car moved quickly and safely. You will likely need help moving the vehicle be it a kind stranger or one of your passengers as the car will need to be pushed and steered at the same time.

Step 1: Alert Other Vehicles Around You

If you are moving your car out of a dangerous situation be very careful to avoid getting hit by another car. This can be a little tricky and you may want to alert the vehicle behind you even if you don’t need their help and let them know that you’re having car troubles. 

Step 2: Shifting Into Neutral

If the car won’t start and isn’t already in drive, you’re going to need to put the vehicle into Neutral so that it will move. If the vehicle won’t allow you to shift the gear to N while it is off (most vehicle’s won’t) you’ll need to insert your key and turn it to the on position. 

If you need a video example of this process, check out this helpful YouTube video

Step 3: Pushing The Vehicle

Once the vehicle is “on” you should be able to press the brake and shift the car into neutral. At this time you will need some assistance unless you find yourself on a hill that you can roll down and park the car out of the way. If you have passengers who are capable of pushing a vehicle, it is time to put them to work! 

If it is just you, you will need to ask for assistance moving the car out of the road from people in the nearby cars. Be cautious when approaching strangers for help. 

Get 1-3 strong individuals to push the vehicle while you steer and apply the brake as necessary to maneuver the car to a safe location. Once you are satisfied that the car is in a good location, apply the brake and shift the dead car back into park. Consider using the parking brake in certain locations. 

What Comes Next? 

If you haven’t already, it is time to call roadside assistance such as AAA or a mobile mechanic. If the battery needs to be jumped or replaced, one of these types of companies should be able to assist you without the car being towed. 

If your car isn’t in need of a jump or a tire replacement your best bet is going to be having the car towed to a mechanic. Again, a roadside assistance company is going to be your least expensive option. Usually AAA will tow you up to 100 miles if you are a member. You can also just call a tow truck company and get a quote from them over the phone to have the vehicle towed. 

If you are calling a tow truck be sure to give them all the information because there are several types of tow trucks. If all your tires are flat, you’ll need a flat bed truck to tow your car. Be clear about your situation and what your needs are to ensure you are talking to someone who can help you and to fully prepare the company to be able to help you. 

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