How To Make Leather Seats Smell Good


There really is nothing like the smell of a new car. The mixture of leather and fresh carpeting. It’s intoxicating, really bringing an essence of luxury and freshness. Alas the smell never does last and that new car smell can become kind of funky. Especially if you are a mom toting around athletes and their gear. So is it possible to make a used car smell like new again?

Well the answer is that it depends on what you consider the new car smell to be. It varies from car brand to car brand. Most contain the smell of new leather, but what else is a component of the new car smell? In some car brands you’ll find hints of sanded wood, fresh plastic, new fabric. 

Many car brands are very discerning about what materials they put in their cars. This is stating the obvious the materials are put through a lot of testing from touch to safety. One thing car manufacturers consider when picking materials is scent. A new material must pass a scent test. Ford Motor Company for example has each new material’s scent rated by a team of at least six people. 

So what’s the point? Scent matters. People buy new cars (and other consumer goods) for just the scent alone. Scent can be such a powerful motivator that some institutions pump in a  signature scent to their show floors, restaurants and stores. 

Recreating The New Car Smell In Your Vehicle

So here is the answer you’ve been looking for: you can create a smell that is similar to the new car smell you desire using sprays, wood chips and leather conditioners. Is it going to be exact? No. New car smell is never exact and varies from brand to brand. Can you create a unique smell in your vehicle that smells good and similar to the new car smell? Absolutely. 

Making New Car Smell Yourself

So it is possible to recreate the new car smell yourself or just a smell that you like without using fake scents. You can use mesh bags of fresh wood chips to give your car that romantic yacht-like scent of teak wood. Or if you want the real deal new leather scent, go to a local shoe maker and buy their leather scraps. The best way to make a car smell like the fresh ingredients you desire is not to replicate them with something fake but to put the real scents into your vehicle.

Buy fragrant leather scraps for cheap online, pick up wood chips and put fresh carpeted mats in your car. In addition you can spray some new car scents around the car as well. 

The first thing I recommend and the easiest thing to do is to get a car spray that mocks the new car scent. Here are a few brands that we think replicate the new car smell well: 

Chemical Guys New Car and Leather Scent Combo

Two unique scents by one of the most beloved car cleaning brands. This combination of two sprays are the house favorite here at Protect My Car. Not only will these sprays give you the scents of leather and wood that you desire, they will also work to eliminate any odors that are already in your car, like the takeout food bag that your buddy left in your back seat last week. 

Check out current prices using the link below!

Meguiar’s New Car Smell Wipes

If you are asthmatic or react poorly to aerosol sprays these wipes could be a great way for you to get the new car smell you so desire without inflaming your respiratory system. Test it out first because they are of course still scented. 

Meguiar’s is another car lover’s favorite brand. From washes to waxes to leather cleaners there is a Meguiar’s product that is right for every consumer. If the new car scent is what you desire, look no farther than these wipes. Check out current prices using the link below!

Meguiars New Car Smell Spray 

Similar to the New Car Smell Wipes that this brand makes is this carpet spray. This product will give you the scent you desire while eliminating any other odors currently residing in your vehicle. In addition, it leaves behind zero residue so you can safely use it on the soft materials of the car without fear of buildup and staining. Check out current prices using the link below!

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