How Much It Will Actually Cost You To Put Leather In Your Car


Leather is a wonderful addition to a car, not only is it easier to keep clean, it also brings up the value of the vehicle significantly as cloth seats are a less desirable option for most. Since about a decade after the car was mass produced in the United States, people have wanted to customize and upgrade their vehicles. It is no surprise that the interior of the car and specifically the quality of the seat cover material is one of the most sought after upgrades. 

Leather adds a sense of luxury to a vehicle and it is certainly more comfortable for long hours spent in the driver or passenger seat. Putting leather into a vehicle is not inexpensive, however leather can be seen as an investment into the vehicle as it does bring the resale value up, if the leather is put in well of course. Overall cost of leather will vary depending on who you pay to install the leather seats, the quality of the leather you use, and where you live. 

On average you can expect to pay between $1500 and  $2000 to put aftermarket leather in your vehicle at the dealership. Alternatively it will cost you around $2500 to have leather put in by an independent company, though this is an average and you may pay more or less depending on where you live

Where Can You Go To Put In Aftermarket Leather Seat Upgrades?

You have a few options when putting leather into your car after you’ve purchased it. In most scenarios you will have to go to an independent detailer to have the leather put in. However, in some cases depending on the make of your car and how old your model is, you can get leather seats put in after the fact by the car manufacturer

The cost will vary depending on who installs  the leather. On average you can expect to pay around $2500 for aftermarket leather installation from an independent organization though that cost can go up or down depending on the type of leather you want. You are going to pay more for a premium material. 

If you have the option to have the vehicle manufacturer install the leather seats, it will be less expensive as the seats don’t have to be custom made and are already ready to be installed. 

Leather Cost Determinants From An Independent Shop

You can get exceptional leather seats put in from an independent shop. As we’ve discussed, the leather seats will run you around $2500 though this does vary depending on the vehicle, where you are and what shop you choose. In addition there are several other factors that will affect this price, they are:

  • Type of leather’
  • Softness of leather

What Type Of Leather:

Most car leather seats aren’t actually real leather. They are a faux leather blend and because of this they are easier to maintain and hold up better in the sun. Most are pretty indistinguishable from the real thing. If you do want genuine leather it will be much more expensive, but can you put a price on that leather smell? I don’t think so. 

When purchasing leather there are two options: domestic and international. The United States can produce exceptional leather but most of what you find is no where near the quality or craft levels of the leather you find in other parts of the world like Italy. In many cases imported leather for car seats is hand stitched, cut and stained. Entirely processed without the use of any form of machinery. These seats are works of art, and you will pay a hefty price for them. 

Domestic leather (dependent of course on who you buy from) will be less expensive to source than the internationally cultivated seats

Softness Of Leather: 

All leather products are judged based on the softness of the material. The softer the leather the more valuable the product is and the same can be said for leather car seats. The softness is determined by how much attention the material was given in the manufacturing process and how well it was conditioned as it was produced. 

When it comes to car seats, the softer the leather, the more comfortable the driving experience. The softer the leather is, the more the leather will mold itself to the individual sitting in the seat, giving quite a luxurious ride to whoever has the pleasure of sitting in it. 

The more conditioning and work the manufacturer puts in, the softer the leather. The softer the leather, the more money you will pay for the materials to make your seats. 

Consider A Warranty On Your Leather Seats

Replacing the leather seats in your vehicle will cost you a couple thousand dollars. Even getting a minor tear repaired can be expensive. For this reason many car owners take out an extended warranty specific to their seats. 

An extended warranty on leather seats will typically cover the cost of maintaining and caring for the leather once a year on top of any minor and major repairs depending on what warranty policy you take out. 

So there you have it. You can expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $2000 for putting leather car seats into your vehicle. However, there are many factors that impact the total cost of this aftermarket upgrade including where you get the leather, and how well it was manufactured. 

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