A Journey Back In Time: Historic Road Trip Destinations


A Journey Back In Time: Historic Road Trip Destinations In New England

Many consider New England one of the most interesting regions to explore in the US for a historic road trip. It’s the first area that served as settlements for the people who ultimately laid the foundations for the country. Whether you’re coming from the south to escape humidity, or simply looking for a change of scenery, the region has a lot to offer.

An East Coast road trip itinerary would certainly be interesting if it includes a historic angle in the form of popular spots within New England. But as a matter of course, knowing the essential places to visit within the region might lead you to deal with a bevy of choice locations. To get you started, consider these road trip destinations in the region.

  1. Portland, Maine

If you wish to enjoy one of the finest points along the East Coast, consider going to Portland. As the largest city in Maine (but not its capital – don’t get confused!), this city provides dazzling views of the Atlantic Coast – one where you can perhaps imagine troves of settlers committing to their day-to-day activities along the coastline.

Lighthouses, particularly the old neoclassical ones, dot several areas of Portland’s pleasant Old Port district. The city proves to be a treasure trove of cafes, restaurants, and shops that suit its unmistakable New England atmosphere. When planning for a visit, consider staying for at least three to five days to live and breathe the city’s old-fashioned charm while on your historic road trip.

  1. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Head a bit south of Maine’s border and you’ll reach Portsmouth, one of the cities within New Hampshire that holds a rich historical heritage. The city is best characterized by its colorful houses, which add vibrant life to their otherwise-serious neoclassical character. The area also provides picturesque coastal views fronting the Atlantic Ocean, making it a fine spot for photography.

When on a historic road trip in Portsmouth, consider helping yourself with generous servings of seafood in many of its seafood restaurants, or having a relaxing pint of beer in any of the microbreweries dotting the area. Strawberry Banke, the city’s neighborhood of multicolored houses, is certainly among the must-sees, as it also comes with an interesting outdoor museum.

  1. New Haven, Connecticut

Another delightful destination along the coastal areas of the East Coast, New Haven is a developed urban metropolis within Connecticut celebrated for being the first American city to receive comprehensive urban planning. Such is evident in the way the city’s grid layout is organized, complete with pockets of land dedicated to green spaces.

Several of New Haven’s neoclassical structures have seen the best and worst of US history. Landmarks practically dot almost every part of the city, with the Amistad Memorial standing out as a major attraction. Yale University, one of the top universities in the US, calls the city home, and its buildings serve as iconic sights fitting of its prestigious status. When you’re thinking about a historic road trip you won’t want to miss this place!

  1. Burlington, Vermont

Vermont may be one of the smallest American states, but it certainly doesn’t lack historical sights headlined by its largest city, Burlington. Situated along Lake Champlain, the city attracts several visitors for its pleasant New England ambiance and generous allocations for greenery. It’s often cited as among the best small cities in the US, and a single visit can help you understand why.

The Church Street Marketplace is an important attraction within Burlington, its busy nature teeming with lively commerce – big-box stores and small businesses alike, along with its brick-laid path. Ben & Jerry’s, considered as one of the world’s most famous ice cream brands, holds its headquarters in the city which hosts various dairy treats.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Finally, and perhaps the most iconic city in this list, is Boston, Massachusetts. Being one of the oldest and largest American cities, the city prides itself on bearing witness to some of the most iconic events in the country’s history. Its sporting heritage, highlighted by the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, make it a popular big-game destination in the US. If you’re into sports you don’t want to miss this while on your historic road trip.

Boston hosts several sites that would complete your East Coast road trip experience. Prestigious universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University highlights the city’s important stature in the US, and their buildings are sights to behold as well. Walking the Freedom Trail, which showcases historical experiences, is certainly a must-do.

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