Five Best Road Trip Places


Having a car is simply a blessing in itself, not only because you get to have far more convenient commutes around town but also you can go practically anywhere you want to when on the road. Road trips are certainly a guarantee of having a car – as long as you have time to spare and friends to haul, you’re in to make some great memories. But wondering where else you can go with a car may become eventually challenging for you if you’re the well-traveled type. To keep you inspired, here are some of the world’s best five places to get a road trip on, for when you want to take your adventures on the road abroad.

1: Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland)

Wild Atlantic Way Protect My Car

Featuring an awe-inspiring array of sights, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is truly a bucket-list-worthy place for your road trips. That comes with the fact that the Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest coastal route at 2,500 km west of Ireland, allowing you to see a lot of breathtaking sights and enjoy a bevy of activities unique to Irish culture. When in your car, expect to witness some of the most spectacular sights that can make people drool over your Instagram feed – humongous sea cliffs and dazzling beaches are just some of the features you can experience along the Wild Atlantic Way. Visible from the Wild Atlantic Way are some of Ireland’s most remarkable tourist spots: Mizen Head, Aran Islands, and Cliffs of Moher.

2: San Francisco-Los Angeles (United States)

San Francisco - Los Angeles Protect My Car

The United States (US) state of California is truly large and diverse, such that its riches is enough to make it one of the world’s largest economies if it becomes an independent country. Commuting strips between the great Californian cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles (LA), while being perhaps among the busiest in the US, are also those that shouldn’t be missed for a road trip of epic proportions. There’s so much to see in between San Francisco and LA since you get to pass several other US states as well as national parks. America’s rugged terrain is best witnessed through travels in between San Francisco and LA, not to mention the likes of Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon being reachable via driving.

3: Cowboy Trail (Canada)

Cowboy Trail Protect My Car

Can’t get enough of frontier views outside your car? Try exploring Cowboy Trail in Canada for your next road trip for you to see the best of what the wild frontier has in store for you. With a route that follows along southern Alberta, the Cowboy Trail gives you unbeatable views of some of Canada’s best-rugged sights. Surprisingly, while the Cowboy Trail may give you the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, it is by no means a boring choice for your road trip. Passing by the Rocky Mountains is surely an opportunity to reckon, while other sites such as Waterton Lakes National Park, Hoodoos of Drumheller, and Crows’ Nest Pass all provide you with mind-blowing experiences.

4: Ring Road (Iceland)

Rising Road Protect My Car

Going to such a distant yet beautiful country like Iceland is a novelty in itself – what more if you get to drive in one of its most scenic places. Iceland’s Ring Road gives you generous views of the frosty Icelandic landscape, and the fact that it circles the entire country truly makes this the stuff of your road trip dreams. Follow through Iceland’s majestic glaciers from your window and give your friends the road trip of a lifetime by passing through some famous Icelandic sites as all of you live and breathe the best of the country’s culture. The Ring Road provides convenient access to the following natural wonders: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Myvatn Geothermal Area, and Kirkjufellsfoss.

5: South Island (New Zealand)

South Island Protect My car

Bringing your road trip to the ends of the earth? Consider going to New Zealand, where its South Island can provide you with a road trip opportunity that’s just too good to pass on. Camp with your friends and enjoy the best of New Zealand’s natural features on South Island, which is easily navigable through its simple yet guided road networks. Landscape changes are quick yet exciting in South Island, and you’d be amazed at how the likes of Pancake Rocks, Lake Tekapo, and Milford Sound can open your eyes to some of the most beautiful features the world has on offer.

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