Finding A Reliable Repair Shop


More often than not, the last thing you want to happen as a car owner is to have your car suffer from disrepair and not be able to find a reliable repair shop. Covering for several maintenance and repair costs, not to mention having to sacrifice convenience in commuting, can certainly take a toll on you. Even if you have a manufacturer’s or an extended car warranty in place, the fact that you have to devote some time to visit a repair shop can already be hassling. That, of course, also comes with the daunting task of looking for a good repair shop. Such may seem quite a challenge for the uninitiated, what with the amount of time needed for research on a repair shop that’s consistently regarded for consistency and quality. If you’re one of those people who is having a difficult time looking for a good repair shop, consider the tips expounded in this article.

Determining a Good Repair Shop

When looking for a reliable repair shop, make sure to keep some important pointers in your mind – factors such as evident work efficiency, the presence of certifications, superb customer service, and transparency in component replacements all count as positive factors. As a car owner, you shouldn’t wait for your car to break down before looking for a repair shop. Rather, you should make your search earlier by looking around one in your community, asking your friends for recommendations, and searching the Internet for answers on a reliable repair shop. Professional feedback is also available from local organizations on consumer welfare, from which you can ask about how many complaints repair shops in your area have received, as well as their nature and resolutions. More often than not, doing even a little research on repair shops can help give you a picture of what’s most recommendable for you.

Doing an ocular search on the repair shops you’ve researched allows you to have a better discernment of their service quality. Keeping in mind all the information you’ve gathered from online reviews, personal recommendations, and professional feedback in your visits to repair shops and see if every one of them lives up to their respective descriptions. After conducting your inspection, make it a point to check if they keep all their workplaces as tidy as possible. More often than not, conditions inside repair shops are not as pristine as you may expect in places like hospitals and restaurants – repairing cars involve messy activities, and with all the various tools involved, parts replaced, and chemicals used. Nonetheless, reliable repair shops tend to provide a professional image, which they achieve by keeping all their workplaces as clean as possible.

Searching for a reliable repair shop shouldn’t be entirely a matter of convenience – what’s at stake here is the well-being of your car, so avoid making your decision based on location proximity. Determining further whether a repair shop is good enough should also reflect on the competence of their car technicians – certifications on advanced coursework, diplomas specializing in car repair, and accreditations from consumer welfare organizations, among many others, should be welcome signs for you. Indicators of corporate social responsibility, mostly in the form of service awards, should also serve as positive points for repair shops. Moreover, customer service should also be evident in a good repair shop – staff courtesy and helpfulness must be exhibited from the moment you set foot inside its facilities, while rates for all kinds of services should be explicitly posted for all customers to see. If possible, test the repair shops you’ve considered by asking them to perform minor services on your car such as having your oil changed or your spark plug replaced – you’ll see how professional they are in doing business from the way they perform simple repair tasks.

Determining a Bad Repair Shop

A nonreliable repair shop is easily determinable from a good one – terrible customer service, the poor state of facilities, and apparent incompetence of car technicians should serve as ready warning signs. It is highly recommendable to pinpoint bad examples in researching repair shops so that you’d have some realistic models. Taking that information with you, inspecting repair shops should give you basic ideas on what looks undesirable for your car’s well-being. For starters, discarded debris in disarray is a sign of lack of concern for hazards on the part of the repair shop. The poor state of equipment for car repair and the lack of collaboration among car technicians must allow you to deem their services as subpar at best. Watch out for car technicians that do not ask you a lot of questions about your car’s problem. More often than not, lack of inquisitiveness indicates a presumptive behavior on the part of car technicians, which isn’t a good sign considering that they’re responsible for getting your car back in good shape.

One peculiar feature of a bad repair shop is the occasional “orphan car.” An orphan car refers to a partially-repaired car that’s fully displayed in the repair shop’s garage. More often than not, repair shops with orphan cars visible to the public would claim that they are left behind by their owners due to lack of payments. Nonetheless, the sight of an orphan car should already cast doubt on the repair shop’s credibility in handling repairs properly and on time. An orphan car is also a sign of poor housekeeping on the part of repair shops – after all, they could’ve just kept it inside a separate facility so that it wouldn’t pose hazards in workplaces. Furthermore, make sure to keep a close eye on the car technicians working on your car. If you witness lack of concentration on the part of car technicians simply because they entertain a lot of other things that distract them in the course of their work, then you must avoid having them to even check your car for repairs. After all, your car deserves the best attention it can get from car technicians, what with the delicate nature of car-related repairs, in general. Otherwise, it’s best to look for other reliable repair shops whose car technicians have a professional and dedicated attitude in conducting repairs.

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