The Essential Road Trip Packing List: 10 Basic Items for The Long Haul


10 Tips for Any Road Trip

Going out for your highly-anticipated road trip? Consider these essentials if you’re out to spend at least five hours on the freeway or on parts unknown. This road trip packing list can get you covered for your long land journey, considering that you’ll be out of your comfort zone for quite a lengthy time.


1. Navigation Apps

Google Apps and Waze are the first names that come to mind whenever navigation apps are in question. Losing your way while on a road trip is simply not a pleasant scenario, so unless you intend on getting lost, you must have your trusted navigation apps installed on your smartphone. Oh, and don’t forget to equip yourself with mobile Internet, of course.

2. Cooler

Your craving for cold refreshing drinks grows stronger the longer you travel on the road, so to save time from stopovers or avoid parching yourself for long, it’s best that you keep your compartment equipped with a spacious-enough cooler for your drinks. Make sure to choose from the most durable types of coolers to ensure that yours lasts for long.

3. Camera

What’s a road trip without pictures? Even for those who couldn’t care less about how their Instagram feed turns out for every haphazardly-taken picture they upload, road trips are always perfect opportunities to take snapshots of things beyond the realm of the mundane – from breathtaking mountain ridges to sights of unusual animals, among many others.

4. Sneakers

Keep in mind that road trips are not the same as trips to the office or walk around shopping centers. Going on an adventure to witness scenic natural sights means that you’ll have to experience them physically – hiking, mountain climbing, and trekking, among many others. In such a case, a reliable pair of sneakers would surely do the trick.

5. Water-Resistant Backpack

Think about it – if you’re going out on a road trip, then you should as well expect to lug around tons of valuables in a durable bag. What else, then, can be more convenient than a water-resistant backpack? You can look like a veteran explorer with a water-resistant backpack, as it was made to withstand the elements, a water-resistant backpack allows you to rough out the edges of your road trip as you keep your valuables safe and intact.

6. Healthy Snacks

Try to cut out from the junk food when going out on a road trip. You wouldn’t want to spend the next few hours feeling sleazy over greasy chips. Rather, make it a point to prepare healthy snacks for you and your companions. Whether you plan on bringing cut fruit pieces in containers or non-greasy peanuts and other snack stuff, healthy snacks can make for a worthwhile ride.

7. Emergency Fuel

To prevent having to procure towing services when you run out of fuel without one gas station in sight, make it a point to equip yourself with emergency fuel. Though not a substitute for real fuel, emergency fuel helps your car make the most out of its remaining fuel, so that the engine won’t turn off abruptly. Just make sure to use it sparingly to prevent damaging your car.

8. Car Seat Organizer

Road trips provide for potential chaos in terms of organizing your valuables. Your car interior may turn out to be a big mess once you and your companions spend long hours on the road. To avoid unwanted disorganization, make sure to install a car seat organizer at the back of either of your car’s front seats. That what, your passengers can organize all valuables inside your car.

9. Air Freshener

Spending long hours inside your car can cause unwanted odor mixtures, with musky scents most likely to build up. But keep in mind that enduring undesirable smells doesn’t have to be natural in road trips – an air freshener can make things easier for you in that regard. Whiffs of fresh scents can prove to be a lifesaver for long-haul trips, especially if you’re set to journey forth for long.

10. Portable Stain Remover

Going on a road trip for hours means that you won’t have access to wash your clothes along the way, especially if you’re highly conscious about clothing stains. Therefore, make it a point to purchase a portable stain remover – it’s a good temporary substitute against stains for when you end up getting foodstuff, makeup, or other substances on your clothes onboard.

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