Essential Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Locations


Cruising Down the PCH

Traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway serves as among the best road trip choices for locals and foreigners in America. Amazing views of the Pacific with specific vista points can be seen when driving all throughout Highway 1. The Pacific Highway also offers a variety of restaurants with different cuisines, beautiful beaches, and some tourist attractions along the way.

There are so many things to do for any type of tourist when traveling along the Highway. Animal lovers, posh dinners, and nightlife junkies will not be bored if they choose to go here. It is a great place to see certain animals during the migration period, to try out new food, and to have the best night of their lives. If you want the best road trip of your life, here are some places to go.

Ferry Building Marketplace

The Ferry Building Marketplace on the Embarcadero in San Francisco is a good place to start your California road trip. It is a transit hub with a beautiful white clock tower which has become the icon of the place. In here, you can find artisanal bakeries, cheese shops, and cafes. This is the usual spot to have breakfast before you go on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip.

Big Sur

Three hours away from San Francisco is the Big Sur wherein the Bixby Bridge is a good spot to take pictures of vista points that have the scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Afterward, you can have lunch at Nepenthe which offers a budget-friendly menu and one of the best restaurant views in the world. The restaurant has a rustic feel to it and offers light meals like sandwiches and salads.

Big Sur has been an inspiration to well-known authors and has always been referred to in classic literature. Walt Whitman, a recognized writer, described Big Sur as charming and captivating because of its beautiful landscapes and the bohemian way of life here. It can be seen in the Henry Miller Memorial Library, located in the home of Miller’s close friend, Emil White.

San Simeon

Along the way, elephant seals can be seen along the shores of San Simeon especially during migration season. 15,000 elephant seals can be seen every year by tourists in a viewing platform. Later, you can have a quick detour to visit the Danish village of Solvang, wherein it shows Danish architecture, restaurants and many more. You can also buy Danish treats here for the trip.

The Goodland

A Kimpton hotel called The Goodland is the perfect place to stay for your first day on the road. The rooms are comfortable and have a coastal feel to it. The hotel restaurant has good food and drinks with live music playing during dinner time. The place also has a pool and some fire pits that give out the California vibe while people can enjoy their drinks and have fun socializing.

Santa Barbara

The next morning, you can head over to Renaud’s Patisserie in Santa Barbara. It is a standby store just a short drive away from the hotel. It is well known for its pastries and organic eggs. The Getty Center is a must-see destination before you drive to Los Angeles. J. Paul Getty built the villa to hold his collection of European art, which is continually funded by his organization.

The Line

In Los Angeles, you can check in at The Line. It is a revamped midcentury building with the Koreatown as its neighbor. The hotel has two restaurants and a cafe, an outdoor pool, and a 1980’s themed speakeasy with private karaoke chambers. The rooms offer a unique aesthetic with custom furnishings and original art. Some rooms also have the view of Hollywood hills.

Park’s BBQ

See what the neighborhood of The Line has to offer by going to Park’s BBQ. It is located in a nearby mall and it offers authentic Korean barbecue that locals and even celebrities love to return to. Wagyu beef and grilled shrimp are excellent choices here at Park’s BBQ. You may also try other restaurants in the area, like Roy Choi’s Pot located in the same building as The Line.

Los Angeles

On the last night of your Pacific Coast Highway road trip, spend it in Los Angeles’ new hidden cocktail den by distinguished bartenders Kaplan, Day and Tarby. Their rotating menu has a wide selection of drinks which you can have using their “omakase” service style. They use high tech equipment and the drinks are artistically presented in their own special glasses.

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