Do Lemon Laws Cover Used Cars?


We’ve all heard about lemon laws and how they cover new cars that turn out to be duds, working as a type of warranty. Unfortunately, most lemon laws only apply to new cars. So what’s the best car warranty for used cars, if lemon laws only cover new vehicles? Luckily, there are numerous ways to protect your used car.

A Sour Note

Purchasing a new car involves a large chunk of change or committing to an expensive monthly payment. Imagine paying for a new vehicle only to find out it is unreliable and expensive, costing you additional money in repairs or constantly breaking down. If the same problem occurs and is properly repaired a reasonable amount of times without being resolved, it may constitute as a lemon.

Fortunately, new vehicles are protected by lemon laws.

If your new car goes through a series of the same repairs without resolution, it may fall on the dealer to replace your car or refund the entire purchase price. You may need to hire an attorney to handle a lawsuit with the dealer, but you can get those fees back as well.

There are two federal laws covering new products that may be lemons. One is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which applies to products worth over $25 that come with written warranty policies. The other is the Uniform Commercial Code, which doesn’t have set standards that define a lemon, meaning you may need a courtroom to decide whether you are entitled to a replacement or refund. With either of these national laws, there are attorneys who specialize in protecting consumers and understanding lemon laws.

If you’ve purchased a used car, you may not be protected by any lemon law, although there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Buying a Used Lemon

When you purchase a used car that’s a lemon, you are not only spending money on constant repairs, but the vehicle may be a danger with possible structural damage or major parts failing, causing you to be stranded or worse.  

Most lemon laws are in place to cover new vehicles, but there are some states that offer protection to consumers against inferior used products. If your used car purchase came with an express written warranty, federal lemons law will likely still apply, resulting in a refund or replacement.

Some states also have laws against sales deception from false representation. These fall under consumer protection laws.

Another way to have your used car protected is to check for recalls on your vehicle. All recall repairs are covered by the dealer, no matter if the vehicle is still under warranty. This should be done on any vehicle you purchase, new or used, to ensure you are safe on the road. You can look up your specific vehicle to find out if there are any recalls on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

An Extended Car Warranty Which Will Cover You

If you’ve purchased a used car and it isn’t a lemon, protection with an extended car warranty is in your best interest. Protect yourself and your wallet from the cost of expensive repairs and regular maintenance.

Protect My Car offers used car protection through extended warranties. There are several options to choose from so you can get the right coverage and protection for your vehicle. With all of the options, you get protection, peace of mind, and savings on repairs. Roadside assistance and a rental car are included with all policies.

The Ambassador Policy is the best car warranty for used cars because not only do you get the perks of a regular warranty policy, but there is a maintenance program where you get free oil changes and a discounted mechanical repair program to help you get 25 to 50 percent off of repair costs.

Protect Your Investment

Lemon laws work to protect new car consumers, although in some cases, used car purchases may be covered under those laws. Even if your used car isn’t a lemon, it still needs good protection. Not only do you see the savings in your wallet from a great extended car warranty, but you can also be stress free when it comes to car repairs or trouble.

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