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Car owners, especially the DIYers, are especially skilled in terms of car maintenance, and their ability to share custom car care tips to others has been honed by their time-heralded expertise. After all, being proficient in car care isn’t just exclusive to mechanics and those directly involved in the repair service industry – firsthand personal experience is also worth sharing.

But no matter how dedicated car owners are, sharing their knowledge in car care can be an ordeal for them. Surely, having to compile and write down custom car care tips for sharing can induce anxiety over thoughts that it may not be reliable enough in the eyes of other people, particularly among so-called “experts” whose only desire is to criticize without being constructive.

With that, it pays to add greater weight to your authority when writing down custom car care tips for sharing with other people. Never mind if you think you’re not very good at writing – simple and comprehensible content is what matters most to readers, apart from general reliability. Consider these apps as among your sources when writing down your custom car care tips.

1. Road Trip (iOS, $6.99)

Road Trip Protect My Car Extended Car Warranty Blog

Being the priciest item in this rundown, Road Trip promises a super-slick feel when checking out on your car’s fuel consumption as well as other expenditures related to your car. The app is highly convenient for use in inputting various vehicle-related format, in that it exports data to .csv format, making it accessible on spreadsheet applications on the computer and printable at the same time.

Providing you with a summary of every cost related to your car, Road Trip serves as a reliable source for your custom car care tips. The apps generated reports and compatibility with the Apple iWatch makes this app a valuable information source for you.


2. Openbay (iOS, free)

Openbay Protect My Car Extended Car Warranty Blog

Openbay comes off as an extremely useful tool for when you’re making your custom car care tips more appealing to people. The app allows you to obtain quotes from various mechanics through its built-in recommendation system, and you may even book their services.

What’s more, Openbay allows you to garner points for every mechanic booked through its system. Surely, that’s already an item that’s worth a place in your custom car care tips. If you want to experience more, then make sure to access the app’s repair and maintenance diary – a fantastic feature considering that one tends to forget about tracking repair and maintenance manual.


3. Repairpal (iOS, free)

Repairpal Protect My Car Extended Car Warranty Blog

It’s truly difficult to think about making friends whenever you send your car in for repairs, considering the frustration borne out of additional costs. But Repairpal can perhaps become your best friend during those trying times – the app guarantees you with utmost convenience through its access to repair service quotes within your area and the best estimates of repair service prices.

Repairpal’s price quoting system makes it a valuable resource for your custom car care tips – you may simply access the app and study the system for you to add greater value to your helpful writing. Furthermore, the app has instant access for acquiring the services of roadside assistance staff, enabling you to experience maximum convenience without mulling over uncertainties.

4. Auto Care (iOS, $4.99)

Protect my Car Auto Care

Despite the price, Auto Care can serve as the ultimate tracking tool for your car’s maintenance and repairs, as well as for monitoring your fuel economy. Tracking fuel prices alongside maintenance and repair costs are some of the key points of interest car owners have, so it pays that you use the app as a valuable reference for writing about your custom car care tips.

Keep in mind as well that you may also track your consumption across multiple vehicles when using Auto Care, making it a convenient app to use for multiple vehicle owners. Making custom car care tips for multiple vehicle consumption tracking can be made best with the app’s assistance, perhaps through demos that can be featured for your readers’ information.

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