Cool Ways To Decorate Your Car For The Holidays


Decorating for the Holiday’s

There’s nothing like having that sense of fulfillment over getting to have full rein on customizing your car – from tuning its performance to improving its aesthetics. Therefore, it makes sense to think that some car owners are totally into improving their cars’ appearances in line with the festivities of any given time within the year. As seasons change and moods alter, having options to improve your car’s decorations can certainly make your life more rewarding as a car owner. That of course, is especially true during the holiday season so let us help you find some cool ways to decorate your vehicle for the holidays.

Cool ways to decorate your car for the holidays is becoming vastly popular – you can see bonnet hoods adorned with niceties that remind of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Santa Claus hats on the dashboard, or even flashing Christmas lights – for the totally-glitzy types. Of course, the possibilities are endless – there are certainly several other ways for you to creatively use car decorations that joyfully remind people of the holiday season without being too disturbingly-gaudy. Here are some of the ways that you can follow to decorate your cars for the holidays

Seat Covers

Although you may not be among those who would heavily notice (since you’ll be seated as you drive), changing your seat covers into striking holiday-friendly colors could certainly add character to your car. Of course, you need not stick to the usual red-and-green color scheme that reminds you of Christmas trees and gift boxes – there are various kinds of seat cover designs that would go well with your other car decorations. Take, for instance, metallic designs that add the right sheen and character to the rest of your car’s holiday persona, or those that are decorated with the usual holiday suspects – Santa Claus’ hat, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, or Christmas elves, to name a few. At least for some of the people looking from outside your car, the most suitable seat covers can totally add to your car’s holiday vibes. As for your passengers, they’ll be among those who can truly experience what it feels to sit on a holiday ride.

License Plate Frames

Although no one really pays much attention to license plates out of leisure – save, of course, for circumstances of necessity such as when you or your valet service looks for your car or if you’re the subject of some traffic violation, cleverly-decorated license plate frames can still do you a clever trick. Some selections available in the market can make your car’s holiday getup more complete – those that feature trinket neon lights, or those clad in the usual Christmas colors may do the trick. Again, Santa Claus and friends may feature in some license plate frame designs – it’ll be all up to you to decide if they’re suitable for your liking. But of course, whatever you do, just don’t spruce up on your license plate frames too much to the point of making your license plate totally unrecognizable.  This is just one other cool ways to decorate your car for the holiday.

Floor Mats

Again, this may be a matter of debate, but decorating with floor mats can certainly complete your intended character for your car’s holiday theme. Sure, they may not be easily seen by people from the outside, but onlookers need not be the only judges of your holiday effort for your car since floor mats can certainly strike an impression on your riding passengers. Opt for something that’s adorned with the usual holiday motifs – a snowman and snowflake on one panel, and a Santa Claus rendition – complete with reindeer’s and elves, on another can truly bring out the holiday spirit in you on your car. But as always, try not to overdo it, as harmony in aesthetics still continues to be important throughout the holidays.  Floor mats can always be one of those cool ways to decorate your car for any holiday.


What’s not to love about holiday designs that adorn your car’s headlights? Apart from the fact that headlights serve as your car’s “eyes,” its purpose to light up the road ahead makes it even more eye-catching when placed with various decorations. Consider holiday decorations that make the headlights look like it’s part of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’s face simply by putting eyelash decorations and a reindeer nose (the red one, of course) and horn adornment on the grille. Or even a simple headlight tint decor can do the trick. Indeed, the possibilities are endless when using your headlights as part of your holiday decor regimen.


Of course, how can you ever forget your very own dashboard when decorating your car for the holidays? Sprucing up your car’s dashboard really looks like a sensible way to live the holiday spirit with your car, as decorations there can be visible to both people outside and your passengers. Setting up stuffed toys reminiscent of the holidays is a conventional yet timeless way to decorate your dashboard. If you want to be a bit more creative, you may want to use your car’s infotainment system with holiday themes – just read up more on how to customize that on your own!

As always, please remember to have your car ready for seasonal road trips that a lot of us enjoy taking to visit family and friends for the holidays.   If you plan on taking a long trip, consider purchasing a Protect My Car extended auto warranty plan so you can feel safe about taking your trip.  All plans offered by Protect My Car come with 24/7 roadside assistance, lockout services, and our roadside team can even dispatch a tow truck if you run out of gas, leaving you stuck on the side of the road.  Happy Holidays to all from the Protect My Car Team!  We hope you enjoyed some of these ideas on cool ways to decorate your car for the holiday.

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