Best Car Maintenance Apps for Your Smartphone


Today’s smartphone technology makes it easier than ever to keep up with important gas and maintenance data for your vehicle. Apps offer you the ability to track your vehicle’s gas mileage performance as well as maintenance and repair records. If you’re tracking this information with pen and paper, toss them in the trash and upgrade with one of our picks for the best car maintenance apps on iPhone and Android devices:

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby helps you track your car’s fuel economy and offers maintenance reminder services. Set a reminder for when you need to rotate your tires or get your oil changed. Gas Cubby offers a free version with limited features in addition to the premium version.

aCar Pro
aCar gives vehicle owners a wide range of features. The application allows drivers to track gas mileage, maintenance, expenses, and trips. aCar can also provide reminders for vehicle service. One feature that users like is the ability to export charts and tables for further analysis.

Car Minder Plus
Car Minder Plus has a user-friendly interface that helps manage car maintenance, keep track of fuel economy, log repairs and give drivers service reminders. Car Minder’s gas logs provide charts that compare your fuel economy to recent fillups. In addition, the application allows you to e-mail your records to anyone.

The AutoCare app has perhaps the most pleasing design of the best car maintenance apps on the market. The app’s features include gas mileage and vehicle maintenance tracking with customizable service reminders. AutoCare can generate user reports for MPG, gas prices and expenses and service expenses.

My Cars
While My Cars may have one of the more basic interfaces compared to the best car maintenance apps on our list, users enjoy the functionality, the ease of use and the data provided. My Cars allows drivers to log fuel costs, service expenses, maintenance records. Charts and reports from My Cars can also be exported from the app.

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