What You Need To Know About Ford’s Latest Recall


Ford’s Latest Recall

Latest Ford RecallsOn April 6th, Ford announced a recall of about 350,000 trucks and SUVs in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The problem? You think you’re putting your car into the park gear and suddenly you’re watching your vehicle roll away.



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The latest Ford recall includes:

  • 2018 F-150 pickup with 10-speed automatic transmission
  • 2018 Expedition SUV with 10-speed automatic transmission
  • 2018 F-650 truck with a six-speed transmission
  • 2018 F-750 with a six-speed transmission

There is a clip that locks the gear shift cable to the transmission and there is a possibility that it can come loose. You will be able to put your vehicle into park and remove the key, but Ford said there isn’t a guarantee that it’s actually in park. There has been one crash and one injury reported due to this problem. Owners of these vehicles will be notified the week of April 16th to bring their vehicle into their closest Ford dealership so they can ensure the clip is installed correctly, and if not, secure it in place. The recall reference number for the recall is 18S10.

They also recalled a smaller number of vehicles (less than 500) for a possible missing roll pin in their transmission. It has the same effect as the clip, you think you’re putting your car into park but that is not the case.

The latest Ford recall includes these vehicles that have the 10R80 transmission:

  • 2017-2018 F-150 trucks
  • 2018 Ford Expeditions
  • 2018 Ford Mustangs
  • 2018 Lincoln Navigator


Stay Informed and Get Repaired

Latest Ford Recalls informedDon’t allow ignorance or laziness stop you from returning one of these models and having the correct maintenance performed on them to ensure they operate correctly. With only 70% of vehicles in recall status having been repaired, we need to encourage more to stay aware of such recalls and getting the maintenance done. The unintended consequences of our neglect to stay informed on vehicle recalls can have deadly consequences! So, we would recommend randomized checks from your vehicle manufacturer.

If you are purchasing a used vehicle, perform a recall check on the model you are inquiring about. If that vehicle model has a recall notice then inquire about it and see if its been conducted yet. If it has not, contact the manufacturer about length of time for maintenance, current safety concerns, etc… All of this should play a factor into any used car purchase you may make now or in the future. 

Remember, Stay Informed! It could save a life!


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