Ambassador Maintenance Program


Ambassador Maintenance Plan

Ambassador Maintenance Plans were designed for both new and used car drivers – regardless of whether you own it or not, or if it’s brand-new or bought secondhand, you expose yourself to the multiple risks related to the volatile nature of road traffic. Given that, it really pays for you to be attentive to all mitigating opportunities you can get that can protect your well-being as you drive to various destinations. Similarly, the car you’re using deserves to be protected in ways that don’t involve too many costs. Simply put, purchasing a viable auto maintenance plan can serve as among your most worthwhile investments.

However, you may have asked yourself several times: what’s in it for me when I invest in an auto maintenance plan? What kind of benefits would I prefer to accrue back to me for every penny that goes to my premium? How should I manage myself in order to maximize the numerous benefits my auto maintenance has? With those questions in mind, it pays to check out what Protect My Car has in store for you with its Ambassador Maintenance Plans.

What can Ambassador Maintenance Plans do for me and my car?

In the grandest scheme of things, several kinds of auto maintenance plan quotes provide you with different insights on the kind of protection your car can potentially receive – subject to various prices, of course. For maintenance needs, the desired benefits become even more specific: repair savings, rental car benefits, roadside assistance, oil changes, and tire rotations, are just some of the few benefits expected to come with every premium paid for maintenance.

Ambassador Maintenance Plans fully represent what Protect My Car fully intends: to provide car owners with peace of mind, knowing that they’ll receive ample protection through financial convenience afforded by its auto maintenance plans. Regardless of whatever kind of vehicular problem you encounter, Ambassador Maintenance Plans work to provide you with the best kind of financial cushion through benefits that serve your best interests as a car owner.

Instant Savings

Should you require your car to undergo massive repairs one day, fret no more because Ambassador Maintenance Plans can enable you to save between 25%-50% on repairs. Indeed, having to deal with hefty costs on vehicular repair is a kind of horror only understandable to car owners like you. But for every premium that you pay for your Ambassador Maintenance Plan, you’re more than guaranteed to receive at least 25% off your repair bill. Protect My Car plays this through a negotiation process, whereby it talks to your chosen repair shop for repair negotiations – 50% off is the largest discount negotiated. Should the talks break down, Protect My Car obliges itself to cover for your 25% discount, which is why having instant savings come with an Ambassador Maintenance Plan.

Maintenance Program

The expediencies of driving a car aren’t without its inconveniences, all of which especially pertain to costs. Having your oil changed periodically and your tires rotated to their greatest care may both increase your safety in driving, but their costs can pinch your budget hard. Worry not anymore, as Ambassador Maintenance Plans guarantee you with three OEM oil changes and two tire rotations per year. Those two perks, of course, come on top of your discounted repair costs mentioned earlier, henceforth providing you with a kind of protection that’s truly financially-rewarding.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Having to pull over the roadside over an unexpected vehicular damage serve as the bane of most drivers – immediate help may not be available and costs tend to break into their respective budgets. But with an Ambassador Maintenance Plan, you no longer have to suffer when that situation comes, as it provides you with comprehensive roadside assistance that’s available 24/7. Protect my Car’s roadside assistance under its Ambassador Maintenance Plans include the following within its coverage: lockout service, fuel delivery, towing, flat tire services, and battery jump-starting.

Rental Car Benefits

Lastly, but certainly not the least, Protect My Car provides rental car benefits – something that’s very uncommon out there in the competition. Once your car’s inside the repair shop, you may have to resort to other modes of transportation that may not be as equally convenient as what driving your own car can provide. To compensate for the inconvenience in between repairs, My Ambassador Plans provide you with reimbursements for rental car payments for up to three days at $30 per day. Now, imagine the amount of money you’ll be able to save from that. From the repairs down to car rentals, Protect My Car has you covered with its My Ambassador Plans.

About Protect My Car

Protect My Car is an extended auto warranty company. Our goal here at Protect My Car is to eliminate your worry of being financially responsible for an expensive mechanical breakdown. With our extended auto warranty, you don’t have to worry about being fully burdened with the cost of a covered repair.