8 Weird Car Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know


Cars are an integral part of our daily lives. But there’s a lot we don’t know about our trusty vehicles. Would you like to impress your friends and family with some weird, but true facts about cars? Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts that you’ll want to share. 

A Nation of Car Lovers 

It’s no secret that Americans love their cars. With more cars than any other nation, nearly one for every person in the country, our love affair with the automobile has a long history. Many enthusiasts would argue they know their car inside and out. But there are plenty of strange facts about cars that even the most dedicated gear-head may not know.  

1. The first speeding ticket was for 45 miles per hour

Way back in 1902, a crazed driver was clocked at 45 mph and issued a speeding ticket. In the early days of the car, posted speed limits were quite rare, since horse-powered buggies didn’t move that fast. Those rare few who owned cars could travel at full speed. The old habits took some adjusting once speed limits started appearing in 1901 at 12 mph. 

2. It would take six months to drive to the moon 

Gazing into the night sky, the moon sometimes looks almost close enough to touch. If you hopped in your car and put the laws of physics on hold for a while, it’d only take about six months of steady driving at 60 mph to reach the Moon.  

3. Cars had cassette players until 2011 

Many cars today are already missing CD players, but remember cassette players? They stuck around well into the 21st century, surviving as optional equipment in the Ford Crown Victoria all the way until 2011. 

4. Dirty cars are a crime in Russia 

It’s easy to let your car get a bit dirty from time to time, particularly in slush-ridden winter climates like Russia. But you’ll want to get it cleaned as soon as possible because your dirty car could land you a hefty ticket in Russia thanks to a rule buried deep in their driving laws. 

5. The $1 million speeding ticket 

The largest speeding fine ever issued stands at a cool million dollars. It was issued to a wealthy Swedish man driving in Switzerland who was clocked at 180 mph. His fine was due to a unique Swiss law, which calculates the fine based on your income. Ouch. 

6. Safety agencies wanted to ban radios in cars 

Stop the music! When Chevy first introduced the world to the car radio in 1922, many safety agencies petitioned to have them banned. They claimed putting music in cars would be far too distracting for drivers. 

7. Internal combustion cars were once the green alternative 

At the peak of the horse-drawn carriage, major cities had a big pollution problem: dead horses. When you mix that with the mountains of manure they created, the first automobiles were praised as the environmentally responsible alternative. 

8. Hybrid cars are over 100 years old 

We think of hybrid and electric technology as new in cars, but there is a long history of automakers experimenting with both. The first production hybrid car was unveiled way back in 1900, However, they had a gas engine and electric motor hubs. It was designed by then 18-year-old Ferdinand Porsche, the father of the man who would eventually found the company we know today. 

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