5 Questions to Save Money On Repairs



From the engines, brakes, and gears to the air conditioning, suspension and steering; all your car parts need to undergo some sort of repairs at some point of time. Repair services are not very cheap. At times you spend large chunks of time to get things repaired. But wait!!! Do not be in a hurry. Ask your repair facility or repair personnel a few questions.

Here are five questions to ask your mechanic:

Question 1: Ask if the repair is required or a recommendation.

Quite often, it is seen that you are not absolutely aware of what exactly is going on. Whenever you take your vehicle for a regular check, the repair personnel often suggest you a repair. You agree to it, without understanding the problem. It may so happen that an immediate repair is not required. So ask the person if the repair is required or simply a recommendation.

Question 2: Ask the shop/company to waive diagnostic fee if they authorize the repair.

After you have completely decided to go for a repair, ask the company to waive your diagnostic fee. Repair shops charge a certain sum of money as a diagnostic fee. Now if you decide to carry out repair works at a later time, then it is fine to pay the diagnostic fee; else ask for a waiver.

Question 3: Do you have any special discounts?

At times repair shops offer special discounts for students, senior citizens or military personnel. If you do not inquire about the discounts, then you might miss it and end up paying the full amount.

Question 4: Is it possible to use aftermarket parts for the repair?

Once you are fully aware of the repair situation, you can inquire whether it is possible to use aftermarket parts for the repair. This would allow you to save money on your repairs.

Question 5: Can supply the parts and you install it?

Many times you will find that you have spare parts in your house which can be used for your car repair. Like spare tires. So you can ask the repair company as to whether it is possible that you supply the parts while the company takes only the responsibility of installing it. Remember that in such situations, the liability of the quality of the repaired part lies solely with you.

In this way, you can even end up saving quite a large sum of money. Our list of questions to ask your mechanic will help you stay informed about the repair process for your vehicle and help you save money on repair costs.

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