5 of the Most Expensive Car Repairs


The 5 Most Expensive Car Repairs: One thing never fails upon visits to the repair shop, frequent or infrequent, and that’s sticker shock. No matter what the problem seems to be, the cost is never aligned with our expectation. You’d think that through generations of repair shop sticker shock, we’d be somewhat prepared…but no. Below we’ll talk about five of the repairs that elicit the highest costs, biggest shock and major dents in your wallet.


  1. Transmission Repairs


If you hear “transmission” at the shop, prepare yourself. The transmission is a complex assembly of parts whose purpose is to transmit (ah ha) power from the engine to your wheels, making your vehicle move. On average, transmission repairs will cost over $3,500, making those in need almost consider replacing the vehicle. Transmission costs, due to its pure necessity and importance, will make any list of most expensive car repairs.


  1. Cylinder Head


If your vehicle requires a few good turns to get started, it may be a spark plug issue, and needs to be addressed. Failures to start can ultimately result in overheating and engine failure (a $7,000+ replacement). Failures in this area should signal a check engine light or alert in your vehicle, though how many of you have chosen to drive on that for a couple of days? Problems evolving around the cylinder head and head gasket (responsible for creating a perfect seal between the engine block and cylinder head) repairs also average over $3,500. So, if your car is flirting with overheating or is having trouble starting up, take it in…and be prepared.


  1. Replacing Tires


There are many common and expensive vehicle repairs that may break the bank more than the replacement of your tires, but the importance and overlooking of this aspect shouldn’t be overlooked. Depending on your vehicle, tires may range from $50/tire to $250/tire. Altogether and for a higher end tire, this could cost you. And considering the average household has more than one vehicle in the driveway, you’re looking at over $1,000 every 30,000-40,000 miles. Out of the most expensive car repairs, this is included not only due to cost but because of safety. We know it’s tough but listen to your mechanic when the time comes to suggest new tires.


  1. Replacing the Camshaft


The camshaft controls how your engine takes in air. Regular and responsible maintenance should help avoid any issues, but if neglected, grime and dirt build up on the valves. Cost of parts for replacement will run you $1,500 to $3,000 NOT including labor costs (which are thorough in this repair). This being a problem not many are aware of or educated about, it can be a sneaky and impactful common car repair.


  1. Hybrid Inverter Assembly


We include something for everyone, and there just isn’t enough information on hybrid vehicles’ true repair cost. So for those driving hybrids, this one’s for you. The Hybrid Inverter Assembly, whose purpose is for converting direct-current power to alternating-current power, can be one of the most expensive car repairs at the end of the day. While it’s mostly reliable, replacement can cost anywhere between $3,500 and $7,000 depending on the model. Knowledge of any problems with the assembly will rely solely on you seeing the check engine light, so don’t ignore it!


All in all, the best thing to do is to abide by a healthy vehicle maintenance schedule to avoid any surprises. But, accidents and surprises still happen. In those cases (almost guaranteed to happen at some point), it’s best to be covered. Contact us. We can help.

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