10 Outrageous Car-Related Records


We found some of the craziest Guinness World Records that are car-related, check them out below!



Hairiest Car

An Italian hair stylist named Maria Lucia Mugno, 44 holds the title for “Hairiest Car” with her Fiat 500 that is covered in 120 kg (roughly 264.5 lbs) of human hair. Mugno has spent over 150 hours sewing hair into the exterior and interior of her car. She first won the title in 2010 but then beat her own record, adding another 20 kg of hair to her car in 2014, securing her title even further.




Oldest Car

The oldest, FUNCTIONING car is a steam-powered, four-seater, four-wheeled vehicle manufactured by De Dion Bouton et Trepardoux called La Marquise. It was built in 1884 and won the world’s first automobile race three years later. It won with a super-fast speed of 26 mph, it’s top limit being 38 mph. It was sold for $3,520,000 in 2007, which included the buyer’s premium. The car is powered by paper, wood, and coal and takes about a half an hour to warm up.




Longest Car

The longest car is a 100 foot, 26-wheled limousine that was designed by Jay Ohrberg in California. It includes a swimming pool that features a diving board and a king-sized waterbed. It’s designed to drive as a rigid vehicle but can be changed to bend in the middle. It was mainly used for films and displays in the Hollywood area.


bIG bANANa Car


Longest Custom Banana Car

Steve Braithwaite started construction of his unique “Big Banana Car” in 2009. He based it on a 1993 Ford F-150 pick-up truck, and it took him until 2011 to finish. The “Big Banana Car” is 22 ft 10.5 inches in length and 10 ft 2 inches in height. Braithwaite built the “banana” on the truck chassis using reinforced steel bars, chicken wire and polyurethane foam that he sculpted and covered in fiberglass. He put the finishing touches on it with painting. The “Big Banana Car” can reach speeds of 85 mph with its 8-mpg V8 engine that gets around 15 miles to the gallon. It has seats for the driver and three passengers in a line directly behind the driver. The car costs around $25,000 and has made trips from Michigan to Florida to Houston and to Rhode Island.


longest line of toy cars


Longest Line of Toy Cars

In May 2014, volunteers of The National Motor Museum spent 10 hours arranging 24,189 toy cars into a 1.2 mile line. The title was previously set in Germany with 14,310 vehicles. The museum began asking for donations in February and locals donated thousands of toy cars, as well as several celebrities. Nick Mason, Question Willson, Vicki Butler-Henderson, and Edd China all signed cars for the record. Sir Stirling Moss also gifted the museum with a model of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR that matches the one he drove when he won the 1955 Mille Miglia race. The line of cars included just that and nothing else; toy tanks, trains, caravans, and boats were not allowed. After the record was completed, the museum sold the cars to help their nearby children’s hospice house.


world's fastest car


Fastest Car

October 1997, Andy Green set the record for the fastest land-speed record in the Thrust SSC, hitting 763 mph. The Thrust SSC has been said to have been the first car to have broken the sound barrier, while some argue that was done by the Budweiser Rocket Car. The car’s power comes from its two Rolls-Royce Spey 202 jet engines.


longest wheelstand


Longest Wheelstand (Wheelie)

“Nitro” Mike Kunz took the Guinness World Record for the longest wheelstand (wheelie) in 2012. The stunt took place at the Timiskaming Drag ‘n Fly Summer Classic in Earlton, Ontario. Kunz owns a customized PT Cruiser that is designed for popping wheelies, including a cutout in the floorboards that allows the driver to view the track and to control the car while it is on two wheels. The wheelstand lasted 2,504 ft 7 inches.


largest car engine


Largest Car Engine

At the turn of the century, January 1st, 1990, the Pierce-Arrow 6-66, the Fageol, and the Peerless 6-60 broke the record for the greatest engine capacity of a production car. These big engines were 13.5 litres but had the same power output as other, smaller vehicles of the time period. The Pierce Arrow was a highly regarded vehicle, and it is said that it was a favorite of smugglers during the prohibition era because of the quietness of the engine.


most expensive car


Most Expensive Car

October 2013 marked the sale of the most expensive car, a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Racer. The Ferrari sold for $52 million to a private buyer. The transaction was undisclosed and the car was purchased from Paul Pappalardo.


most inexpensive car


Most Inexpensive Car

The 1922 Red Bug, built by Briggs Stratton Co. located in Milwaukee, WI, holds the title for the most inexpensive car of all time. It was listed as $125-$150. It had a 62 in wheelbase and weighed 245 lbs.

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