10 Important Items to Keep in Your Vehicle


Here are the 10 important items to keep in your vehicle to make sure you’re prepared for anything.  Unless you keep the interior of your vehicle spotless, you probably have a variety of items inside. But other than loose change and some used coffee cups, do you have what you need in case of emergency or an accident?  Hopefully, this list of 10 important items to keep in your vehicle will help provide you with an extra layer of safety when you’re on the road.


Vehicle trouble is always a frustration but don’t let darkness add to your problem. Solve this problem by always keeping a flashlight (with fresh batteries) in your car all the time.

Gas Can

Running out of gas is an avoidable problem, but more people than you expect to find themselves stranded on the side of the road. Keep an EMPTY gas can in the trunk of your car. You won’t enjoy the walk to the gas station, but at least you’ll have a solution.

Jumper Cables

Dead batteries happen to everyone. Keep a set of these in your car in case your battery dies on you. It’s also helpful to familiarize yourself with the process to jump-start a vehicle.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Keeping an eye on your tire pressure regularly and ensuring your tires are inflated properly can help you improve fuel economy, vehicle handling and help your tires last longer.

First-Aid Kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit is helpful to have in case you encounter any minor cuts and bruises. And doesn’t it seem like you never have a bandage when you really need one? This is an easy problem to fix.

Spare Tire

It’s always helpful to have a spare tire in good condition in your vehicle in case you get a flat. Another option is a tire pump or sealer, such a Fix-A-Flat which can help plug a leak long enough for you to drive to a tire repair shop.

Multi-Tool Kit

Unless you want to carry a full toolbox in your vehicle, a quality multi-tool is a nice item to have when you need a sharp edge or have to do some minor repair work. The best multi-tools usually include a blade, two different screw bits, scissors, and pliers.

Duct Tape

You never know what you might need duct tape for, but you can be confident it can always help you solve a problem when you need it. It’s a great thing to have in your car when you need a quick fix to get you to the repair shop.


A nice blanket is helpful to have in case of emergency and you need to keep warm in your vehicle for a while before help arrives. They are also handy to keep around in case you want to go on a picnic or bring one into a ballgame.

Portable Cell Phone Charger

This is probably one item that many of you don’t have but consider including a portable cell phone charger in your car and not one that requires vehicle power to charge your mobile device. If your phone and car battery are both dead, you’re out of luck. Invest in a charger that doesn’t require vehicle power to help out in case of emergency.  This item is one of my favorite things on the 10 important items to keep in your vehicle, list.

Thank you for reading our post on the 10 important items to keep in your vehicle, we hope this helps prepare you for your road trips ahead.  Did we miss anything? What items do you keep in your vehicle that didn’t make our list?

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